COSMOS Structure issue

The COSMOS missions work perfectly, while the structures for those mission items are all broken and only respawn after a server reset and then 1 more time again. It isn’t just one specific structure. It is all of the structures that are mission related. The worst offender for this frustration is the Caldari cosmos because all the value is packed into the two mission implants that you have to get the faction for, while the Amarr cosmos has the same issue, but is less farmed because two of the mission items are behind gates that require keys to even access that are consumed when you use the gate.

This is frustrating when as a player I invested time in training the skills to build the items from the BPCs, 4 million skill points, that only are useful for those BPCs. Also the content, while old features a little bit of everything that EvE has to offer, from hauler missions to combat missions and could become a really good area for player experience, specifically new players, since most of the content can be done in alpha state with ships that are available to alpha clones. The limiting factor for any player to do the content lies within the structures not respawning correctly currently and needs to be addressed in some way. While I understand that the CSM has taken this issue up in the past to get it fixed, the response was basically an acknowledgement that the spawns are broken in a way that is not easy to fix.

In the current state, the content is only available to players living in a time zone that is close to the server reset time, while those living in places like North America, can’t even do the content without GM intervention (nearly impossible to negotiate with) or buying the items off contract for stupid prices because the content is being directly limited by the code, which creates a strain on the niche market of those mission items causing prices to be severely out of control due to scarcity being created by a broken respawn.

I don’t really care if players manipulate the market to gain a profit, as there is risk, but when a player is able to manipulate the market on a single niche item because they live in the time zone that has the best opportunity to take advantage of the broken spawn, then that begins to become an issue. It also has the potential to start a downward spiral towards RMT if a meta shifts to favor those niche implants being used and items that require the items from the structures not respawning.

I hate to say this, but when it comes to the COSMOS content, CCP has three options to deal with the issue.

  1. Repair the issue
  2. Remove the content and Refund the associated skills
  3. Direct GMs to intervene directly for the mission items associated with COSMOS content as long as the player has made a valid attempt to get the item on there own.

People can say this is EvE and a monopoly is ok,. But this is how I view it. If all the tritanium came off of 1 asteroid in the game that could be mined in less than an hour, CCP would fix it immediately because tritanium is used in basically every item in the game. Players would be up in arms at how this not only directly affects the market, but the entire player base. It wouldn’t matter if the problem was difficult to repair, it would be repaired.

CCP has also shown that they will intervene in content when it made adjustments to the NPC Sotiyo BPC drops to limit it being looted only by specific ships because the alliances found out that greed is sometimes stronger than loyalty.

The same issue could be argued in this case from a varying angle, but because it is niche content, requires specific faction levels to even get access to the agents, CCP ignores the problem without seeing how it impacts the different parts of the player base. The broken respawn on the structures directly affects the niche industrialist that operates in that market because it has less competition in that item type. It affects the exploration player that spends there time opening the containers for the items required to supply materials to the industrialist that doesn’t want to get those parts themselves.
Then it directly impacts the pricing of the implant because it has been moved from the typical supply and demand dynamics into a limited supply that doesn’t care about demand at all.

I honestly don’t see the first option being implemented and the issue being directly fixed. Fixing the problem could create other issues that are just more damaging than leaving the issue in the game. So we can probably drop the idea of it being fixed directly.

Option two has the same issues as option one. Removing the content could create other issues that are just not feasible for the development to deal with.

The third option is currently already implemented in the game and is the most cost effective way to solve most players frustrations with the structure issue without having to actually do anything with to fix the problem. It really comes down to CCP and the Development team communicating to the GMs that the COSMOS mission specific structures have respawns that are broken in a way that is not easy to fix and giving a green light to help players work around the issue better rather than trying to treat the structures like they are working as intended. Now when I say work around, I mean that these types of petitions would be sent into escalation where designated GMs could just put the item required into the character’s inventory at some station. This does have its flaws, but even when the structures respawned correctly, most players didn’t really feel motivated to redo the content on another character. This also means that the player has to utilize the tools available to them to get the help. The disadvantage of this system is that it will create a slightly longer time in the petition system. But it does deal with an issue at least in a direct approach that both sides feel they accomplished the goal. The development team, CCP, and the GMs have a method to solve the problem without investing any time or resources into the issue and the CSM gets to finally have the issue be resolved in a way that most players might feel is important to the player experience.


As @DeMichael_Crimson observed years ago, the COSMOS system is incredibly broken content that is no longer being actively supported by CCP. It’s too tied into the spaghetti code to just turn them off, so they kick along getting progressively more broken as time passes. Someday we may actually see them get detached from everything and sunset or refreshed (perhaps when CCP finally gets all the old missions moved over to their new mission structure), but it probably won’t be any time soon.

As it is: if a COSMOS mission times out on you while trying to get a drop, a GM can reset it for you. That’s basically all the support CCP offers for them right now.

Nothing has changed about the missions, and yes the current situation is to just get a GM to reset the the mission for you and wait. All I am saying is that the CSM could ask that the development team at least confirm with the GM team that the structures for the missions are broken so that the GM team can offer better support with the existing tools for these missions.

It is the easiest, most cost effective improvement to the current situation and all the development team can do is say that it isn’t feasible, or the development team might decide that it is doable and send out a memo to the GM staff to confirm that the structures are not working correctly.

If the development team confirms that the structures are not behaving as intended, the GMs now have the option to actually go beyond the “I will reset the mission for you so you can try again” approach and go to a slightly more extreme measure, which is an improvement over the current situation. And I’ll take a slight improvement over no improvement, even if it means having to send in a petition to get assistance.

A slight improvement could lead to old content being repaired or revamped, while no improvement just leads to stagnation. It also reflects poorly on the development team and GM staff if they are not on the same page when it comes to what is and isn’t working correctly, which this small fix for niche content addresses.

While the missions have not intentionally changed, they have been impacted by a number of changes, such as spawn mechanics for NPCs (the number of players who have struggled to find the mission targets - not buildings, actual ship spawns - now vs when the content was released and actively supported demonstrates this). Thus, the missions have functionally changed over time with regards to how feasible they are to complete.

The missions, as a whole, are broken. The agent interactions might usually work perfectly (except when they don’t and have to be nudged by a GM) but missions are more than their agents. Every part of the mission makes up the whole, so, if one part is broken, the missions are broken. It happens that several parts are broken.

CCP has flat out said they will not fix the missions in their current COSMOS mission engine. They cannot separate it from a bunch of other tangled up code. Same reason CCP will not fix defects in the POS code. It’s unsupported content that they cannot manage to shut down.

You keep trying to make a circular argument and drag the point from “Getting better support from the GM staff for missions that are broken by having it acknowledged by the development team” to “The development team should consider fixing the issue” to paraphrase. One is easy to inquire about, easy to implement, and actually a valid solution while the other is just doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.

All I have said was that if the development team confirms to the GM team that these missions do have issues, since they are separate departments, better support for the issues would be forth coming from the GMs to players which impacts the player experience.

You are only picking apart the issue because you see it as unfixable, which it might be. Doesn’t mean that the GM staff can’t have the acknowledgement from the development team that the content has issues so that they can work around the issue and help players do the content.

My understanding is the development team has already said the missions don’t perform well anymore, but the GMs aren’t authorized to give people mission items - period. Players can get the items, even if it requires camping a spawn site at DT. Thus, since the items are still obtainable, the GMs aren’t allowed to interfere other than to reset the missions if they time out.

Basically, to CCP’s point of view, there is no reason to make the COSMOS missions easier to complete: it is old content that they would turn off if they could. Much like they shut down Resource Wars instead of actually fixing them to be meaningful content again. Giving GMs permission to create items for players for this niche content that is no longer supported by CCP only prolongs the death of the system - and adds an opportunity for players to ‘play favorites’ with GMs to try an get into the market. How fair is that to the players who have actually put in the effort to collect the items in question for resale purposes?

Seems I was paged by @Mkikaden_Tiragen Sorry for the long text.

I’ve completed almost all of the Empire Cosmos Agents in high sec and most of the ones in low sec. I’m talking about Empire Factions, not Pirate Factions. I still have 2 Empire Cosmos Agents in low sec and all of the Empire Cosmos Agents in null sec left to complete.

Back when I ran Cosmos missions, I researched each Agents mission series first and made a list of items required for completion. Then whenever I could, I would collect those items first before even talking to the Agent. Course I couldn’t do that with all Agents but a large majority of them could be completed that way.

Now whenever I ran into a technical issue with Cosmos, I’d submit a support ticket. Majority of the issues I experienced were a few Agents sleeping on the job who needed to be poked by CCP to offer their mission series.

One Agent, according to the GM, still refused to offer me the 1st mission in the series after being poked. However that Agent basically agreed to offer me the 2nd and 3rd missions. Issue with that was, upon completing the 1st mission, the Agent rewarded you with an item needed to complete the rest of the missions.

Yeah, that Agent was devious, offering me the other missions while knowing damn well I needed the reward item from the 1st mission to run those other missions. Since that Agent didn’t want to cooperate, the GM spawned the item for me in station so I was able to complete the other missions in that Agents mission series.

After that I had one other Agent who, after being repeatedly poked by the GM, still wouldn’t offer any of the missions in the series. In Cosmos, some of the Agents are chained together with items received from one Agent or mission which is needed to access another Agent. Luckily for me the Agent that refused to offer me any missions didn’t have any items needed to access other Agents.

Another issue I had was a certain amount of items, I think they were Building Blocks, was suppose to drop from a structure as loot. The mission itself was completed when the structure was destroyed, however the required amount of items didn’t drop. The GM reset that mission so I could get the required amount needed to complete it.

A few of the missions had rare spawns that only appeared once or twice a day. Had to set my alarm clock and camp out in different systems to get those. Also other spawns were RNG based so I had to spend quite a bit of time warping around and searching for them.

Despite all that I pretty much completed all high sec Empire Cosmos Agents and enjoyed it a lot. Also it wasn’t just go in and quickly pew pew, some of those missions required time and a tactical approach to complete. I even improvised in completing one Agents mission series which I’ll never forget.

I was getting close to completing the high sec Empire Cosmos Agents and had decided to take all the items needed to complete a high level Agent in one run. This is the Agent:

Agent = Akemon Tolan - Level 4 - required standing +7.50 Amarr Empire
Location = Otomainen System (Low-sec entrance) - Prison Stage (3rd room) of Guristas Complex
Rewards = 1x Hardwiring Implant - Akemon’s Modified ‘Noble’ ZET5000, 3x Storyline Modules - 1x ‘Smokescreen’ Covert Ops Cloaking Device II, 2x 425mm ‘Popper’ Railgun, 1x Storyline BPC - X-Large ‘Locomotive’ Shield Booster

One of the items required to complete his mission series is a Guristas Shuttle. Since I needed a large amount of cargohold space to transport all of the items in one run, I decided to use my cloaky Blockade Runner and just sneak past all the NPC’s. It worked great in the 1st room, I got past all the NPC’s to the gate, accessed it and in mid warp to the 2nd room, activated my cloak and upon landing, proceeded to do the same thing, sneak past all the NPC’s to the next gate.

Unfortunately that gate was locked and wouldn’t activate until all of the NPC’s were destroyed. So there I was sitting about 10 m’s off the backside of the gate thinking I’m going to have to do this the long and hard way. Last thing I wanted to do was enter the complex and fight the NPC’s 3 times just to complete that Agent. Just as I was getting ready to warp out, 2 player ships entered the room and started destroying the NPC’s.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time, I sat there cloaked and watched them clear the room and after they accessed the gate, I followed them in and once again activated my cloak mid warp before landing in the next room. Upon entering the last room, I saw those 2 players were busy destroying NPC’s so I quickly maneuvered my ship up off the grid and under cloak, proceeded to park myself above the Cosmos Agent to watch them clear the room.

After they were done, those 2 players warped out and I thanked them in local chat for clearing the complex. They thought I was being sarcastic and said the NPC’s would respawn in about 5 mins. I then quickly told them how I was in a cloaked BR with all items required to complete the Agent and was stuck at the 2nd gate until they unlocked it for me, to which I thanked them again. They replied with ‘You’re welcome, gratz and good luck, o7’.

Yeah, I’ll never forget that. Now I’ve been in a couple of Cosmos missions where I’ve met other Cosmos runners and we’ve helped each other complete our missions but that experience in my cloaky BR was definitely unusual.

Anyway, got a bit off track. Some spawns are meant to be rare, just have to set your alarm clock and camp out to complete the mission. If there’s an issue of other players farming it, fleet up with friends to quickly destroy the rare spawn / collect the drop.

Other than that, good luck with Cosmos, I definitely enjoyed it when I did those missions.

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