Caldari Cosmos Missions Bugged

I’ve been doing the Caldari Cosmos missions in Okkelen and I am on the Reconnaissance Level 2 Mission to find Scanner Data II. I’ve been killing the ‘rats’ for days in the belts of this constellation and have not seen one yet. A GM told me the missions are so old that there is no documentation on these missions anymore. Does this item still drop? How am I supposed to finish a mission without being able to loot the correct items from where they are supposed to come from.

Yes, the Scanner Data II is supposed to drop from belt rats (perhaps specifically Caldari Outlaws?) somewhere in the Okkelen constellation. After 3 days looking, it does not seem to drop at all.

COSMOS is a mess. Have you tried looking up the item you need on contracts? Some players do nothing except hoarding COSMOS-items and then selling them to eye-gauging prices. If you’re lucky, there are enough of that item flying around the price is not as painful. Could be an alternative if the COSMOS-mission stays bugged out.

My favorite COSMOS-bug was when I accidentally fired on a Gurista-structure somewhere, and got decapitated by CONCORD. But that wasn’t the bug, the bug was that some other dude I never met got a message and a killright and after looking over my own lossmail, I saw that that NPC-structure in the middle of a mission was listed as being owned by him.

After talking to him, we decided that since that structure was a can, the game must have somehow registered the previous player who ran an analyzer over it as a the “owner”, which later bugged out the crime system when I fired on that can.

Anyway, when I filed a bug report, the poor overworked bastard working for CCP who finally answered told me since I “ganked” the player in question, the CONCORD-response was completely normal. I’m guessing he couldn’t really understand the problem, even when I supplied screenshots. Maybe he thought players could build faction structures in the middle of a mission somehow?

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Yes, I think there is one available for 150M ISK.

Welp, looks like someone is farming the belt rats to get some extra money. Or the bug is there for some time already, and the stashes of that item are slowly drying up.

I guess if you don’t want to spend 150m ISK on a lvl. 2 mission, asking support for help is your best option.

That’s why I’m here. Support had no answer. I pay for this game and the old content should still work.

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Dude, it’s something CCP has talked about. Yes, they know that the Cosmos missions are a mess, and that’s why they don’t advertise them to players through the agency or whatnot. Ideally, they would like to fix them, but that would also take a lot of time and effort. In the meantime, they can either rip the content out, or leave it in as is and let the players try to get what they can out of it. Some might disagree, but I’d rather have access to buggy cosmos missions than completely lose access.

Anyway, Archer is preparing for a CSM run, and is currently very interested in the current state of Cosmos missions. Perhaps you should talk to him about them.

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Thanks for the ping :+1:

The state of COSMOS missions (and their rewards) are a complete and total disaster. I have a specific item in my 200+ point platform to address COSMOS, and I’ve updated the item with feedback from this thread (notably the fact that not even GMs have documentation from COSMOS anymore to help with bugs and item drops :facepalm: ).

COSMOS Missions Revamp

A similar situation exists with Resource Wars, which I also have a point for: it’s another example of badly rotted content that has the potential to be great if given updates and listing in The Agency. (I particularly liked @Aceyfacey’s recent video on the current state of Resource Wars and added it to my point for reference.)

Either completely buff Resource Wars and relist them as a unique experience in The Agency, or remove them entirely from the game

Honestly, I feel CCP desperately needs to give EVE another Crucible-expansion treatment: put less emphasis on fancy new bells and whistles and focus more on bug fixes, rebalancing, QoL improvements, revitalizing existing content, and updating existing mechanics.

If you guys have ideas other concerns about the games or ideas for how it can be improved, I’d be very interested in hearing your ideas if you’d like to send me an EVEmail or message me on the AeT Discord to discuss further for consideration by CSM :slight_smile:


CCP has admitted that they have no ability to work on the existing missions - the best they can do is start over.

That would be a tragedy. Most COSMOS items can be assembled to modules that have no other source than COSMOS missions and can only be obtained once per character.

Unless you like to pay 400 billion isk for the ‘Smokescreen’ Covert Ops Cloaking device II, those COSMOS missions better stay in the game.

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