COSMOS - Dynasty ring - odds of finding one ? Broken?

Hello all

I am currently doing the Cosmos mission Pawns on the Board (2 of 5), in it you have to aquire the Dynasty Ring.
it says in the mission brief:
‘Go out and terrorize the terrorists in the belts around here. It may take a while, but see if you can’t find one of these rings and bring it back to me for analysis.’
to me this says belt rat and one will drop. the internet - eve uni and others suggest that belt ratting in the local region is the way to find these.

I have been through each asteroid belt in each system in the region at-least once, and a couple of systems i ran the belts 3-4 times. its taken hours and not 1 has dropped from an npc.

what am i doing wrong / or is this broken ? i have 4 days left to complete the saga.
please don’t suggest buying them off contract they are 100m.

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use the uni wiki guide . dont confuse constellation with region . best to aquire needed items before accepting mission. if theyre on contract its still dropping dont confuse your own impatience with a bug …

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I agree with @Buggs_LeRoach, best to acquire the items first before accepting the mission offer. Basically that gives you 7 days to search and acquire the items first, thus allowing you to collect both the mission and bonus time reward.

Also due to RNG table for special spawns that drop the required items, sometimes it’s better to just buy the item if it’s available, complete the mission and go on to the next one. Especially if you’re trying to gain standing with all Empire Factions and the mission is combat against one them.

Notes/hints: The Dynasty Ring can be found as a random drop from the different Warrior type ships that patrol the asteroid belts in the constellation. A second Dynasty Ring is needed for the first storyline mission by Thumal Ebotiz in the Koona system.

Unfortunately with it being a COSMOS mission, if you miss the window of turning the mission in because you couldn’t or wouldn’t get a dynasty ring, they WILL NOT reset the mission for you…

thank you all,

To confirm so details, the constellation comprised about 8 stars, i have now run the belts at-least twice,

Eve uni Wiki just says its a common drop, as does old guides i find on the internet but all from circa 2009- 2012 no more recent information than that.

it is mission 2 so you have to talk to them already, cosmos 7 days is from the 1st interaction not the current mission.

i did buy one of contract to complete the mission. but to highlight my point; I belt ratted in the constellation for over 3 hours as an experiment, running every belt at least twice and running suggested systems 4-5 times, the time limit for the mission bonus is 30 minuets i believe and so the mission must be able to be done in that amount of time.

Historical information suggests that they are a common drop, and contracts should be around 3-4 m isk, 100m isk is over demand for no supply and i would suggest that the few that are on contract have been in players hangers for years.

Reading further into this, i am now under the impression that ‘warrior’ is a type of rat, like a raider ect and i did not see a single non standard belt rat. If This is just RNG then its waay off the mark for what is supposed to be an entry level newbro mission.

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The trick to doing the Cosmos Agents is to first research each Agents mission series, make a list of the required items, collect those items and then go talk to the Agent. You’ll be able to get both rewards for each mission.

Course some of the missions are strictly combat and the site will only spawn when the mission is accepted. For those missions you may not be able to collect both rewards but if you do the research as described above, you’ll collect both rewards for the majority of missions.


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