look for contracts, or see if one is on the market…
if you haven’t started the mission yet, be glad, but if you did, and can’t complete it due to missing the item, you won’t get a second chance from the GM’s

there are 5 contracts for the ring in amarr region


contract is going to be your best bet…

yea people know that COSMOS runners need them, and GM’s will not reset COSMOS missions.

just double check that you are in the Araz constellation

like i said, i hope you didnt’ actually talk to the agent yet, cause then you would have to buy one from a contract to not lose the mission…you’d only have 7 days after talking to the agent.


buy from a contract.

Yep, only by contract.
These missions are very old PvE content and contain features which can be exploited: There’s players specialized to snatch these items before the initiating player reaches the grid. Unfortunately this item is only spawning once per mission, so it’s kind of a kidnapped hostage you have to pay ransom for via contract.

Time is out.

if you saw my reply above, when it comes to cosmos missions, NEVER talk to the agent until you have all your ducks in a row…

there are rings that are on contracts, that is your only option.

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