Amarr Cosmos Mission Shopping List

Can all the items in the Amarr Cosmos mission shopping list be obtained before starting any of the cosmoss missions themselves?

I’ve acquired a number of items already but I’ve read somewhere that the Bastion Key for example is given to you by a Cosmos agent which indicates that you need to start the cosmos missions before being able to obtain it. And it seems from the shopping list that I need to get into the 4th room, thereby using up the key to get the The Apocryphon and Generator Debris. They do not sound like items I can farm so I can get enough of them for all 3 of my alts to do the missions.

Another example is the Blood Grunt Tag which the notes say Key needed, given by Odan Poun (mission 4 of 5) again this seems to indicate that I cannot get this item before starting the missions (unless on contract but they are often expensive.

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Yeah, most of the items can be obtained before actually speaking to Cosmos Agents but there are a few items that will only spawn for specific missions.

As for items located in static Cosmos Complexes, they will respawn along with the rats within 10 minutes or so.

This is the guide I used when I did Cosmos. I followed it pretty much exactly as it’s written and it worked great.

If a mission was against any of the other Empire Factions, I bought the required item from Public Contracts and completed the mission without incurring any extra Faction standing hits.

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I’m sorry, here’s the correct link:

If you have a browser add-on for ‘no/skip redirect’, you’ll have to disable it. I’m using the ‘Wayback Machine’ to access the discontinued Evelopedia. Most of the links in the Evelopedia can be accessed by r-clicking and selecting ‘open link in new tab’.

Thanks DMC, ill take a read now

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