List of lost COSMOS mission items


I had a discussion with the GM about the COSMOS mission and since the issue was not resolved, I decided to raise the issue with the CSM.

As we all know, COSMOS missions are incomplete and some of them are not working properly. In some cases, if the items needed for mission progression are not available in NewEden, progression is not possible.

All I can do is report to you guys the items that I could not get through the proper way. I have only been in NewEden for a short time, so please let me know if there are others.

What I’d like you guys to think about is how to reintroduce COSMOS site mission items that are no longer available by regular means to New Eden in a less burdensome way.

GMs have told us that it is difficult to recreate the past methods. So we need to create a new way to replace them.

CCP won’t touch them, due to where they are legacy code. GM’s can’t do anything about them. @Brisc_Rubal knows all this and has brought it up to CCP but they aren’t interested in doing anything with them.


"Scanner Data II"
"Scanner Data III"
"Secret Garage Coordinates"

Okkelen"Outlaw"Asteroid Guristas Frigate
Ihakana"Vagrant"Asteroid Guristas Destroyer
Ihakana”Gunslinger”Asteroid Guristas Cruiser



"Binary Transpositional Code"

Algintal"Crook"Asteroid Serpentis Frigate



"Portable Power Generator"
"Finger Bone"
"Recruitment Center Data Log"

Ani"Cyber"Asteroid Angel Cartel Frigate


"Enigma Cypher Book"
"Dynasty Ring"
"Encoding Matrix Component"

Araz"Warrior"Asteroid Blood Raiders Frigate




DeMichael Crimson is the expert on these missions - he can tell you why you’re wrong and they’re working perfectly.

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also the fact that these items that you say are “lost” can be found in contracts still, show that they are still in game. But where they are one time only missions, GM’s will not do anything to reset them.

@Mikori_Miras_Mikutsu Yeah, definitely looks like there’s a major problem with Cosmos, especially after seeing the Killboard link for Serpentis Crook Frigates in the first thread you linked, that clearly shows NPC last activity was in May 2020.

CCP seriously needs to reactivate Cosmos NPC spawn tables again.

@Brisc_Rubal Thanks for the reference but it was about a decade ago when I completed Cosmos. Back then there were a few issues but players could still complete most of the Cosmos missions without needing CCP’s help, especially for finding the Cosmos NPC’s in belts holding the required Cosmos items.

Not sure about the time line but I’m thinking maybe that issue started when CCP implemented the NPC Mining Fleets.

Whatever the reason is, would be nice if CSM kept reminding CCP about Cosmos. The issues with Cosmos is definitely something they should fix since Cosmos Agent missions give Storyline BPC’s as rewards which produce Storyline modules, especially since most of the materials to build those Storyline modules are directly related to Cosmos NPC’s and Cosmos Complexes.

And yes, some of us do use those modules, mainly to make a fit work that’s tight on CPU / Powergrid / Capacitor.

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras Thanks for the tag, not much I can do to help other than advise players to first research each Cosmos Agent mission series, make a list of the required items and locations, then after collecting those items, go talk to the Agent and complete that Agent’s mission series.

Somebody should make a list of all the Cosmos Agent missions affected by the ‘Item Not Spawning’ issue. :wink:


I raised the specific issue of the missing Warrior rats several months ago, maybe even a year or more, but just got a reaction of “Meh, Cosmos is dead/dying” or “Just try harder”. The latter annoyed me because I had previously run several Omegas and Alphas through that particular sequence, and knew full well the importance of collecting the Dynasty Rings and Matrix Encoders in advance, given the uncertainties of the Warriors first spawning, then dropping what I wanted. Problem was that when I tried it the last time, they just never spawned. I spent hours, over several days, trawling the constellation; they just were not there.

As you say, important for the BPCs, but also it was a diverting and different way of raising standing, even if one-off for any given character. Worst aspect, though, is the crime of leaving the agents in place whilst not making them work. I wasted hours that last time chasing the unachievable. I did report it, but got no meaningful response from the GMs other than “Whine at the CSM if you think it is broken…”


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Yeah, I agree, nothing worse than wasting time due to Developer negligence for maintaining game content.

And yes, I definitely forgot to say those missions are very important which have a large impact on Faction standing, especially if the mission is failed due to the mission objective item not spawning.

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I have compiled as much information as I can find. These are from Belt Rat. It means that if existing items are depleted, missions involving these items will be unprogressable.

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@Mike_Azariah @Brisc_Rubal @Arsia_Elkin
I know ya’ll have stated ccp won’t touch em, but maybe it’s beyond time to convince them to do something about them.

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Hopefully an easy fix would be to just reactivate the Cosmos Asteroid NPC spawns.

If that’s not possible, could probably just include the mission objective items in the loot tables of regular belt NPC’s. That should be easy enough to do.

Course it would be nice if the Agent mission briefing was changed to also contain that info. Even if it wasn’t changed, at least the Cosmos mission items would still be available from NPC’s in the belts.


Interesting. Have the items be infrequent drops in appropriate level “regular” missions. Maybe even mix it up a bit have the items come out in other than security missions.

Or put them for sale the loyalty point stores of NPC corps that would be logically interested the underlying story of a given Cosmos mission.

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For Minmatar COSMOS the issue started after Invasion Chapter 3 - Patch 18.05 on 26 May 2020 which saw the demise of the Ani constellation COSMOS rats and hence the loss of Finger Bones and Portable Generators. (Raised this through a couple of tickets, none of them actioned and closed out.) Very disappointing really and it looks like Minmatar are not the only ones to suffer - My COSMOS guides warn pilots of the issue, but external resources shouldn’t have to do that.

@Brisc_Rubal - Prior to 2020 there was only one Minmatar COSMOS agent that was broken. CCP knew this and removed access to Robikk Gurmurkur the agent. Patch 18.05 saw the removal of Finger Bones and Portable generators which means Ramakell Tikrest and Tarak Horkund offer missions that cannot be completed. If they didn’t offer missions it would be ok, but pilots cannot complete the sequence due to the missing artefacts and as such have to fail the missions. No one wants to fail a mission, especially a storyline. So no, they are not working perfectly.
Can you raise this issue for us please.


a gm can spawn the needed item for a player after determining that player is doing the appropriate mission . simply closing a ‘stuck’ petition shows disregard for the players that pay for this game .


They won’t though… Where they are legacy coded, and one time only missions, they all say they cannot spawn any necessary items.

But that’s just a cop-out excuse they use so they can quickly close out the ticket, same as telling players to post their issue here in the forums.

They can easily spawn the items when needed. Back when I was running Cosmos, one of the missions didn’t drop the correct amount of Building Blocks at the mission site and a GM spawned the correct amount for me in station so I could turn in the mission as completed.

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CCP should be grateful for all the free QA y’all are providing.


That they are one time missions might be a thing to address. Let them be rerun once a year, or maybe every 2 years. After they’re fixed, of course.

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We have been maintaining the forum posts and editing the UNI-WIKI based on your information.


“Enigma Cypher Book”
“Encoding Matrix Component”

I am not sure which agent these two items correspond to. If anyone knows, please let me know.

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I have raised issues with COSMOS missions before. I do not expect them to be fixed anytime soon.

My “working perfectly” comment was a joke, as I’ve been complaining that these have been broken for a while now.