COSMOS mission guide

While running COSMOS missions, I remember using a guide based on Google spreadsheets to complete them. It had detailed information of location of agents and all the items required for missions so it was very useful, but now I want to run those missions again on a different character but can’t find the guide anymore as the owner seems to have deleted it. Does anyone have a copy of this guide?

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I’m willing to bet that guide was just stolen from the uniwiki. It has most of what you need.

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Out of curiosity, is eve-survival still up? I could be wrong but I think that also had good advise for COSMOS missions.

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Yeah, Eve Survival is still up. I mainly use it for Epic Arcs so never really looked at the Cosmos section before until you mentioned it… Doesn’t have a lot of missions listed.


Years ago I used these guides when I ran Cosmos .

Cosmos Agent Locations

Amarr Cosmos Guide

Caldari Cosmos Guide

Minmatar & Gallente Cosmos Guide

All Factions Cosmos Guide


‘The Plan’ can help a lot if you’re looking to build up standing with all Factions.


This the one?


Not quite, but I’ll look into that guide, too, so thanks.

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