Gallente Cosmos guide?

Does anyone know how to run gallente cosmos missions? I have been googling for guides like that but either they are crap or the page asks for credit card information to get to the guide(probable scam).

If there is a guide for gallente cosmos, this would be helpful

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I suggest get googling skill to 2 or even to 3. This can help, IMHO

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I’m in the midst of creating a new guide, as erg cz mentioned and linked to… But it’s still very much a work-in-progress. It’ll eventually get done – but on a schedule that takes my full-time job into account. :smirk:

The most complete I’m aware of is on the Eve University wiki:

I’m aiming to fill in some of the gaps, organize things a little more clearly, and discover any changes or corrections. I assume their guide was written many years ago, so there could potentially be differences today. So far though, the only minor error I noticed is that Trex Ameisoure is actually with the Angel Cartel; not Thukker Tribe. When you go to the individual agent pages, they also incorrectly state the standings requirement (the table on the main page has the correct info).

I’m also putting it all in video form, so for anything that gets more tricky you’ll be able to see exactly what to do. So far it’s been pretty straightforward; but I’m only at the beginning…


I’ve done them on 4 characters. First you use this list:

Anything thats missing you can find here:

A few tips:

-Do the Minmatar ones too
-Some of the missions you can sort of “skip” by buying the hand in item on contracts.
-Some of the missions get farmed repeatedly for the hand in item and it will be almost impossible for you to complete them so see the previous tip
-Don’t accept the mission unless you are certain you have time to complete it because you can only accept the missions once
-Use hyperspatial optimizers, there’s a sickening amount of travel
-When it tries to send you into lowsec to pick up some ore, just buy it on the market instead
-For the ore pickup missions just buy the closest hauler you can find and sell it immediately after–save yourself about a hundred jumps
-Cosmos missions [can] cost more than they pay, but the standing is worth it


thank you very much, it helped me a lot


There use to be a lot of walkthru guides for Cosmos but for some reason the sites have become inactive…

However due to the Wayback Machine those guides can still be accessed. This one is pretty extensive and covers almost all of the Cosmos Agents.
It’s written in German so a Translator will need to be used. CCP hasn’t changed those missions much so most of the info is still correct.

Here’s a written Gallente Cosmos Guide from the old Evelopedia for doing the agents in a specific order.

Here’s a complete list of Cosmos Agents and their locations, also from the old Evelopedia.


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