Gallente COSMOS

(Mithros) #1

I was doing a little exploring the other day and found Mamo Guerre.

I flew up and talked to him just to see what was up, saw that he had a mission, and then bookmarked the location to get back to it later.

Flash forward a couple of days and I decided to run the mission.

So I get “The Plot Thickens” part 1 and need Fedmart reports, but the mission says nothing about where to get them.

Okay, so I do some searching and find that this is part of the Gallente Cosmos storyline and I would get that item from an earlier mission, so I look at the guides and decide to start at the beginning.

That is supposed to be Vausitte Yrier in Abenync according to everything that I have read.

So I go to Abenync and the system has no stations. I try to scan down anomalies to locate her as I located Mamo Guerre and I can not find her.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Is this something that was removed?
Did they move Vausitte Yrier?
Is she only there sometimes and I just have to get lucky with my scanning?

Because now that I have started this I guess the clock is working against me.
I have seen reports that I have a week to complete this mission that I have and failure prevents me from doing it ever.

Thanks for any assistance.

(Uriel the Flame) #2

The guides should state where the agent is located, I assume at least. Either way you can try warping to the celestials (planets, moons), worth a try I guess.

(Mithros) #3

The guides do say.

They say Abenync.

But there is nothing there. No stations. One beacon and I even flew to that to check if I could start a conversation with it. No.

I have scanned down every anomaly in the system on three different occasions and none of them were a COSMOS site.

(Chan'aar) #4

Not sure what guides you are reading but neither of those agents are Gallente COSMOS.

All the Gallente COSMOS takes place with the the Algintal Constellation.

I believe you have found the Gallente Data Centre agents

@DeMichael_Crimson will be able to tell you for sure.

(erg cz) #5

That woman…

You need to puzzle through blood bane of the first half of Beizan_Picholen to get something from her… She is not easy.

(Mithros) #6

Yeah, but I am apparently not connecting here…

Where do I start?

Everything I see says that I can start in Abenync, but there is nothing and no one in Abenync that I can find.

So this is a data center mission and not COSMOS? Okay. Thanks for that clarification I still can not find the right contacts.

I just need to know where to go and who to talk to to get to the front of this chain and then I can start pulling.

Guess I’ll go back to Abenync and look again. Maybe I just somehow overlooked them near the one and only beacon in that system.

(Mithros) #7

It’s official. I’m an idiot.

Thanks all. Sorry to have wasted your time.

Suddenly I go to the beacon today and it’s a bustling hub of activity and my contact is there.

All I can think is that I did not actually check the right overview. Not sure how I didn’t see everything in that area before, but she’s there.

Again, sorry to have wasted your time.

(Xuxe Xu) #8

open overview settings > show agents in space

(DeMichael Crimson) #9

Gratz on finding the solution to your problem.

I enjoyed running Cosmos Agents back when I ran them years ago, they have a great story plot and most missions are actually tougher then regular missions.

May you have great success and lot’s of good luck running Cosmos.