Gallente Cosmos Mission Guide - Video Series

I recently started a new character, with the goal of creating a comprehensive Cosmos mission guide in video form. I’ll admit to being pleasantly surprised that the name Cosmos Cramer hadn’t yet been taken. :wink:

The first two videos are up on my Youtube channel, Riley Entertainment, with many more to come. Update: As of Sep 1, I’ve also started a Gallente Cosmos Mission Guide.

Introduction to the Cosmos
This video is geared towards new players, as an introduction to NPC factions and standings.

Gallente Cosmos Part 1 - The Graduation
This is part 1 of the Gallente Cosmos mission guide, introducing the Data Centers.

Future videos will offer insight into how to explore the Cosmos on your own, as well as playthroughs of the Cosmos missions and static D.E.D. sites. I’ll also provide a summary of the available agents, the standings required to speak to them, where to find any required items, and the rewards gained. Every video will provide a full time index in the description, so that you can easily find the information you’re looking for. Watch from end-to-end, or skip around to use them as a reference – it’s all the same to me!

Some past Eve-related videos that might also be of interest:

Gallente Epic Arc
This was a full spoiler-free playthrough of the Gallente Epic Arc, flying an Ishkur (my favourite ship!).

CAS Combat Day
This is a playlist of videos from “CAS Combat Day” events. These events are public PVP roams in the Syndicate and surrounding regions, organized by members of the NPC starting corporation Center for Advanced Studies.


The next video is up:

Gallente Cosmos Part 2 - Beizan Picholen

This chronicles the mission chain called Beizan Picholen, from agent Avrue Auz in the Creodron Factory in Lirsautton. If you’ve ever wondered what the strange cosmic signature in Lirsautton called Mamo’s Backyard is all about, here’s your answer! (Did you say Mamo? It can’t be! THE Mamo Guerre?!)

In the next video in the series I’ll explore and document the Cosmos agents and sites in the Algintal constellation.

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The next video is up:

Gallente Cosmos Part 3 - Algintal

This is a thorough examination of the Algintal constellation, detailing all Cosmos agents and sites.

I’ve also put together a website that lists all the beacons, sites, and Cosmos agents:
Gallente Cosmos Guide

The next videos in the series will be playthroughs of the Gallente Cosmos mission chains.

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The next video is up:
Gallente Cosmos Part 4 - Activist Fuel

And the Gallente Cosmos Guide has been updated.

I’ll be continuing to post playthroughs of the Gallente Cosmos mission chains, but I also have something special – and a bit different – in the works. Keep an eye out for more news from the Algintal constellation… :sunglasses:

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ill be checking this out. I was going to do my own blog/guide etc but you’ve potentially saved me the trouble.

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The next three mission chains made of a trilogy of sorts. The videos for them are up:

Gallente Cosmos Part 5 - On the Trail

Gallente Cosmos Part 6 - A Storm Brewing

Gallente Cosmos Part 7 - Uproot

Part 7 actually has a pair of combat missions, which was a whole lot more fun than the usual deliveries. :smirk:

And a few extras:
Voice Recording Outtake - If We Lose Our Hiccups…
A Parody News Broadcast surrounding the events from part 4 of the series. I have some ideas for a similar parody for parts 5 through 7; but those types of videos take a lot of effort to produce, so it may be a while before it’s done (and based on the lack of response, it seems I might be the only person who finds it funny :rofl: )

I have one more of the level 2 playthroughs coming, a video on the Federal Data Center in Muer, and then will be putting together guides for the static D.E.D. sites in Algintal before moving along to level 3 playthroughs.

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The next video is up:
Gallente Cosmos Part 8 - Tourist Run

That’s the last of the level 2 playthroughs. The next video will document the pirate dog tag agents at the Federal Data Center in Muer.

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Part 9 of the series is all about the pirate dog tags. Get your faction standings up right quick!
Gallente Cosmos Part 9 - Federal Data Center in Muer

These agents are definitely the way to get yourself into level 4 missions as quickly as possible, if that’s your thing. The standings gain you get with the Navy corporations is huge.

I’ve added a dedicated page summarizing the Federal Data Center agents to the web site guide.

The next handful of videos will document the static D.E.D. sites, starting with the Contested Gallente Roden Shipyard’s Outpost.

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Two more videos are up since my last post here, along with a web page detailing the two D.E.D. sites. The links below are to the web page summary, which has a link to the playthrough videos.

Gallente Cosmos Part 10 - Contested Gallente Roden Shipyard’s Outpost
This site, located in Fluekele, looks to be involved in several Cosmos missions that I have yet to run. The final room also has a chance for Coreli C-Type deadspace modules.

Gallente Cosmos Part 11 - Contested Canyon of Rust
This site, located in Alsottobier, appears to be the potential money-maker of the D.E.D. sites in Algintal. It has named NPCs that may spawn in the first and/or second room (Wiyrkomi Head Engineer and The Negotiator). The final room also has a chance for Coreli A-Type deadspace modules.

As someone whose main activity in Eve Online is combat site exploration, I’d compare these two sites to the Serpentis Drug Outlet (1/10) and Serpentis Narcotics Warehouse (3/10), respectively, in terms of money-making potential. Difficulty-wise, they’re on par with their actual ratings. However, being in a static location, I did find that the Canyon of Rust in particular seems to attract some attention.

The next video will document the Azure Chasm in Colelie.


The next video is up:

Gallente Cosmos Part 12 - Contested Gallente Azure Chasm
This site, located in Colelie, will be involved in several Cosmos missions I’ve yet to run, and is the home of level 4 Cosmos agent Ampsin Achippon. The final room has a chance for storyline module blueprints.

The next video will document the Skeleton Comet in Deltole. The Skeleton Comet is farmed almost 24/7, so getting footage for it has been interesting…


This one took a little longer than the others, but the next video is up:

Gallente Cosmos Part 13 - Contested Gallente Skeleton Comet
This site, located in Dodixie, looks to be involved in several future Cosmos missions I’ve yet to run. It’s also where you’ll find the hacking containers that drop Serpentis and Yan Jung faction materials used to manufacture the storyline modules.

I’ve also put together a guide on which containers drop which faction materials:
Gallente Cosmos Hacking Containers

It took many times running both the Skeleton Comet and Yan Jung Relic Site (which I’ll detail in a future video), but I can confirm that the Nano Fabric and Tachyon Stetoscope do drop on rare occasions – but only from the Yan Jung Relic Site as far as I can tell.

The next video will return to the level 3 Gallente Cosmos missions, starting with Nilla Elermare at the Roden Shipyard Outpost.


You’re doing God’s work by documenting a part of the game which severely lacks documentation.


I took a bit of a break after documenting the static D.E.D. sites to actually play the game for a bit… But I’m back playing through the Gallente Cosmos mission chains. Here’s the next video:

Gallente Cosmos Part 14 - Rescue Isone Flosin


And the next video is up:
Gallente Cosmos Part 15 - Revenge is Sweet

I recently moved into a new place, hence the longer-than-normal wait between posts… The upside is that I have a much better Internet connection now, and even bought myself a decent webcam. I plan to stream on Twitch occasionally in between finishing up this guide…

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I am going to set aside some time to sit and watch these, thank you for making the effort for the PVE community.

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I’ve been playing for 10 years and I’ve never done COSMOS or the Epic Arcs :frowning:

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Videos for all of the remaining level 3 Gallente Cosmos agents are up:

Gallente Cosmos Part 16 - Federal Inspection
Gallente Cosmos Part 17 - The Power of Information
Gallente Cosmos Part 18 - Ore Harvesting
Gallente Cosmos Part 19 - Path to Enlightenment

The next video will document the Yan Jung Relic Site in Deltole.


Thank you, excellent job, definitely needed to be done.

Bookmarked this thread and subscribed to your Youtube channel for future reference.

@Shaoylaenn_Campbell - Thanks for getting together a Gallente Cosmos Guide. One question. the listings that you have on your website here… Is that the order that they should be completed in?

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Following parts 1 - 3 is definitely the way to start. I haven’t checked the rest of the guide for order of agents but it definitely looks good, especially for reference. Back when I did Cosmos years ago, I basically tried to do all lv 1 agents first, then lv 2, next lv 3, ending with lv 4.

Course I found out that I couldn’t do that with some of the Factions, especially with the Amarr Cosmos Agents. They have a lot of agents chained together which need to be done in a specific order. When working them, agents and mission completion will jump around a lot.

I helped write this guide which worked great to complete all of the Amarr Cosmos Agents:

Anyway, according to my notes the other Factions also have a few Cosmos Agents that are chained together:

Gallente Federation

Barmalie System - The Ebony Tower
Pandon Ardillan - Level 2
Audaerne System - Natura Seminary
Preaux Gallot - Level 2
Barmalie System - The Ebony Tower
Ystvia Lamuette - Level 2

Fluekele System - Contested Gallente Roden Shipyard
Nilla Elermare - Level 3
Fluekele System - Central Administration
Aminn Flosin - Level 3

Caldari State

Colelie System - Survey Station
Aakeo Oshaima - Level 2
Fluekele System - Central Administration
Veko Tallaja - Level 2
Jolia System - Grand Future Information Center
Gara Kort - Level 4

Otomainen System - Rush Town Ruins
Akira Helkelen - Level 3
Otitoh System - The Diamond Ace Den
Ryoke Aura - Level 3
Otomainen System - Foul Creek Ranch
Goru Nikainen - Level 3

Minmatar Republic

Barkrik System - The Carnival
Dagras Kutill - Level 3 (Buy mission objective items to complete missions 2 of 3 and 3 of 3 for access to next agent)
Barkrik System - The Carnival
Rozor Mothrus - Level 3

Thukker Tribe

Augnais System - Nickel & Dime Store
Pattok Nortul - Level 1
Augnais System - Nickel & Dime Store
Iliere Angetyn - Level 2
Deltole System - Municipal Junkyard
Krester Rupptofs - Level 3
Parchanier System - Latent Transmitter
Drusk Amakkit - Level 3

I also helped compile this list of Cosmos Agent locations:

Before running each Factions Cosmos, I’d research various guides to see which items were needed before actually talking to the Agents. That gave me time to gather the items first which allowed me to easily complete each mission in their series within the bonus time.

Unfortunately most of the guides I used back then have now become inactive, however some can still be accessed through Internet Archive.