Wrtuk Formur in Deltole Thukker Level 4 security

Hey guys I have an embarrassing question to ask.

I have trouble to locate Agent Wrtuk Formur in Deltole, Sinq Laison, Gallente Federation.

This agent is a level 4 security agent belongs to Trust Partners, Thukker Tribe.

I do have the required standings with her and can start conversation. Unfortunately I can’t find her Tempest in Deltole. It says I can’t warp to her location without accepting her offer. But how can I get an offer without warp close to her in space?

Search a bit online it says she is in a Municipal Junkyard. Is that place a celestial beacon?

I never ran COSMOS mission before. I guess maybe I am not allowed do that type of mission yet.

Just want to get some clarification. Most agents are in a station instead of in space so I am confused.

Other Trust Partner agents are all in Modern Heath, M Republic which is annoyed to get into personally.

Wrtuk Formur on Dotlan

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Most (all?) COSMOS agents are in space, usually at a beacon visible on your overview. Did you actually try to warp to the junkyard? She should be visible on the overview as well as soon as you arrive there. COSMOS missions all have standings requirements and some require items from previous missions too. They are also quite old and much less documented than other EVE missions. Also, whether you mess up or succeed, they can be ran exactly once. Some also have tight timing requirements.
If you have never run a COSMOS mission I highly recommend you start with some low-end well documented ones to get a feel for them before you try L4 etc.
Good luck on your endeavours - COSMOS can be fun, but also challenging and frustrating.


Yeah, pretty much what @Umar_Ahmad said.

Agent = Wrtuk Formur
Level = 4
Faction = Thukker Tribe
Required Standing = +6.00
Location = Deltole System, Municipal Junkyard (Celestial Beacon)

Cosmos Agents only accept a specific amount of Faction Standing for access.
Cosmos Agents offer 3 to 5 part mission series with Faction standing increase on last mission.
Cosmos Agents can only be completed once in the life of the character.
Failing, declining or letting any mission offer expire may lock out access to other Cosmos Agents.
Cosmos missions are tougher, difficulty for level 1 Cosmos mission is equal to a regular level 2 mission.
Most missions are Security encounters that include search and retrieval for a specific item.
Most mission locations are within static Complexes defended by multiple NPC’s with fast respawn rate.

I suggest researching the Agent’s mission series first and make a list of the required items, then collect those items before actually talking to the Agent. That will allow you to easily complete all missions in that series and collect all the rewards without being pressured for time.

Over the years a lot of 3rd party sites with Cosmos guides have been shut down. Luckily due to ‘The Wayback Machine’ most of those guides can still be accessed. I’ve also posted quite a bit of info in these forums about Cosmos and Faction standings.

Here’s a few links:


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