Gallente Cosmos Mission Guide - Video Series

I am going to set aside some time to sit and watch these, thank you for making the effort for the PVE community.

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I’ve been playing for 10 years and I’ve never done COSMOS or the Epic Arcs :frowning:

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Videos for all of the remaining level 3 Gallente Cosmos agents are up:

Gallente Cosmos Part 16 - Federal Inspection
Gallente Cosmos Part 17 - The Power of Information
Gallente Cosmos Part 18 - Ore Harvesting
Gallente Cosmos Part 19 - Path to Enlightenment

The next video will document the Yan Jung Relic Site in Deltole.


Thank you, excellent job, definitely needed to be done.

Bookmarked this thread and subscribed to your Youtube channel for future reference.

@Shaoylaenn_Campbell - Thanks for getting together a Gallente Cosmos Guide. One question. the listings that you have on your website here… Is that the order that they should be completed in?

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Following parts 1 - 3 is definitely the way to start. I haven’t checked the rest of the guide for order of agents but it definitely looks good, especially for reference. Back when I did Cosmos years ago, I basically tried to do all lv 1 agents first, then lv 2, next lv 3, ending with lv 4.

Course I found out that I couldn’t do that with some of the Factions, especially with the Amarr Cosmos Agents. They have a lot of agents chained together which need to be done in a specific order. When working them, agents and mission completion will jump around a lot.

I helped write this guide which worked great to complete all of the Amarr Cosmos Agents:

Anyway, according to my notes the other Factions also have a few Cosmos Agents that are chained together:

Gallente Federation

Barmalie System - The Ebony Tower
Pandon Ardillan - Level 2
Audaerne System - Natura Seminary
Preaux Gallot - Level 2
Barmalie System - The Ebony Tower
Ystvia Lamuette - Level 2

Fluekele System - Contested Gallente Roden Shipyard
Nilla Elermare - Level 3
Fluekele System - Central Administration
Aminn Flosin - Level 3

Caldari State

Colelie System - Survey Station
Aakeo Oshaima - Level 2
Fluekele System - Central Administration
Veko Tallaja - Level 2
Jolia System - Grand Future Information Center
Gara Kort - Level 4

Otomainen System - Rush Town Ruins
Akira Helkelen - Level 3
Otitoh System - The Diamond Ace Den
Ryoke Aura - Level 3
Otomainen System - Foul Creek Ranch
Goru Nikainen - Level 3

Minmatar Republic

Barkrik System - The Carnival
Dagras Kutill - Level 3 (Buy mission objective items to complete missions 2 of 3 and 3 of 3 for access to next agent)
Barkrik System - The Carnival
Rozor Mothrus - Level 3

Thukker Tribe

Augnais System - Nickel & Dime Store
Pattok Nortul - Level 1
Augnais System - Nickel & Dime Store
Iliere Angetyn - Level 2
Deltole System - Municipal Junkyard
Krester Rupptofs - Level 3
Parchanier System - Latent Transmitter
Drusk Amakkit - Level 3

I also helped compile this list of Cosmos Agent locations:

Before running each Factions Cosmos, I’d research various guides to see which items were needed before actually talking to the Agents. That gave me time to gather the items first which allowed me to easily complete each mission in their series within the bonus time.

Unfortunately most of the guides I used back then have now become inactive, however some can still be accessed through Internet Archive.


Thanks @DeMichael_Crimson - I did the amarr one on my main years back, i think i completed it but may have missed some, im doing the caldari one at the moment, well i am actually doing as you mention in the reply and collecting all the items needed first, its a shame that ccp dont relook at these as one mistake can lock you out of so much

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Yeah, definitely smart to research and gather up as many of the items first before speaking to the agent, takes a while to find some of those items with the main priority of gaining max rewards for each mission.

I agree, getting locked out from access if you fail, quit, decline or let the mission offer expire is messed up, especially since those missions can only be completed once in the life of the character.

Back before CCP’s ‘Agents Made Easy’ game mechanic change, the very first mission in each Cosmos Agent’s series could be declined and then later would be re-offered again. Then after the change, a decline was coded to be the same as a fail.

I really enjoyed Cosmos back when I did them, would be great to redo that content again. Anyway, hope you have good luck and much success.

Why dont you do it again :slight_smile: a whole fresh take on them

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Yeah, I’ve thought about doing it all over again with a fresh character.

However I’m still working on getting this character positive with all Factions That’s a long term goal which requires having high Empire Faction standings to act as a buffer.

Currently I have positive standing with 14 Factions and negative standing with the 6 Pirate Factions. Angel, Guristas, Sansha and The Syndicate can be made positive by running the Epic Arcs so those won’t hardly affect my positive standings.

However getting positive with Serpentis and Blood Raiders will definitely affect my positive standings. They have some Cosmos Agents available which will incur negative derived standings towards the other Factions, thus the need to build up a large amount of positive standings before working them.

There’s also Angel and Guristas Cosmos Agents which will give derived positive standings to Serpentis (from Angel) and Blood Raiders (from Guristas), of course that will also incur negative standing hits to the other Factions, so once again the need to build up a very large buffer of positive standings with the other Factions before working the Pirate Factions.

My only concern is what affect it will have on Concord standings. I’m currently at +2.56 modified standing (+0.70 base) with Concord. There’s no way in-game to gain standings with Concord and since they control high sec systems, definitely need to keep them positive.

Now if my Concord standing starts taking negative hits while working Serpentis and Blood Raider Factions, then I’ll just have to keep those Factions negative.

Anyway, that’s still a long ways away from now. Hopefully CCP will eventually add some content that gives Concord Faction standing.

I am similar in that i have negative standings with all pirate factions, standings of around +4.5/5 with caldari and amarr and +2/2.5 with Gallente Minmatar. It does seem a bit of a ball ache trying to juggle those standings whilst trying to achieve something in game, it isn’t as if you can counter a negative hit with 2 or 3 opposing missions, each hit seems to take forever to reverse.

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I currently have the 4 main Factions up around +7.50 with all of the lessor ones between +2.00 to +5.00 standing. Figure I get the main 4 up around +8.00 standing and then start working the Pirate Factions.

Anyway, it can be done, just takes a long time.

I think you have much more patience than I @DeMichael_Crimson :smiley:

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Thanks for keeping this thread alive, guys. :slight_smile:

I ended up coming down with bronchitis a week and a half ago, so I haven’t been playing Eve. I can still feel it in me, but it’s dwindling. Nasty stuff. :tired_face:

To answer the question about the order to run the Gallente agents in, yes – the order I’ve done them both in the videos and on the web page are reasonable if you plan on running them all. For the agents that are “chained”, I have them grouped together and in order; and indicate in the “Requirements” and “Rewards” columns specifically what you need from the prior agent.

If you’re mainly in it for the faction gain, you could easily skip the level 1 agent and first few level 2 agents, and instead go straight for Tourist Run. Then do all the level 3’s except Power of Information.

The Gallente agents are definitely the most orderly of the four factions; and Amarr is the trickiest. DeMichael Crimson certainly has a treasure-trove of info there!

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I suggest if actually going for standing gains to not bypass the lv 1 agents, their reward will actually be a large gain to players who start with low positive standings.

In my opinion ever little bit of standing gain helps.

The next video is up…
Gallente Cosmos Part 20 - Yan Jung Relic Site

Just a handful more episodes, and the Gallente guide should be complete!


Something a little bit unexpected happened… I logged in to verify that the level 4 Cosmos agents wouldn’t talk to me with my Gallente Federation standings still at 5.04. I’m expecting them to open up at a standings of 6. But instead of something along the lines of a slightly cryptic “Sorry, I have no jobs for you.” I got the “Upgrade to Omega” dialog. This was when I clicked “Start Conversation”.

So… level 4 Cosmos agents are unavailable to Alpha characters? Is this expected?

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Oh, bummer- that’s very a recent change that restricts L4 Courier and Security missions to Omegas as part of the ongoing bot war. Interesting and unfortunate that the COSMOS missions got caught in that.

Also, thanks from my side for putting these videos together- I just stumbled on this thread, but am really looking forward to watching them!


Thanks for the info :slight_smile:
I was going to check regular level 4 missions next, which might have confused me further. lol

I had originally planned to make this an alpha-only play-through. I guess I’ll just have to make a bundle of ISK this week so that I can plex my way through the rest of the series. :wink:


I guess my claim of making enough ISK in a week to plex into an omega clone was my April Fool’s joke this year. :crazy_face:

I was off playing Deus Ex and re-acquainting myself with Age of Empires II the past few months. But during that time I also occasionally went out exploring. A week ago I finally got myself into that omega clone and started filming again. The next video should be out this weekend!

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