High Security Angel Cartel Combat Site Video Series

Greetings, pilots!

Recently I put together a video series for all of the high-security Guristas combat sites. I’m moving full-force forward with the same for the Angel Cartel! As with my past series, this guide is primarily geared towards newer pilots, though it does have some info on NPC spawns for some sites that may not be widely known.

The first video on the Angel Burrow is up:

I’ll be posting new videos on a Wed/Sat schedule for the Hideaway, Refuge, and Den. Videos on the DED Rated sites will follow.

My similar 13-part series for Serpentis sites.

And for Guristas sites.

I’ve also started taking a closer look at various ships and ship classes, starting with assault frigates.

All of my Eve Online content can be accessed over at my website at riley-entertainment.com.


You’re the kind of person that makes Eve work.

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Thank you sir :saluting_face:

The video for the Angel Hideaway is up!

It was mentioned in a comment on the video that the Angel Burrow has a chance of escalating to the Angel 2/10. I felt like I gave the site plenty of chances to witness this (over 100, in fact), and never did. I perused past forum posts, and others report the same – that they’ve never seen either the Angel Burrow or Hideaway actually escalate. Perhaps things are different in low-sec? If I ever do see these sites actually escalate, I’ll put up a short correction video with the video evidence.

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The video for the Angel Refuge is up!

And the final combat anom video for the Angel Den is up!

Things are coming along for the DED site videos, though I don’t have a firm schedule for their release just yet. I have something else Eve related coming out this Saturday though. :smiley:

Not directly related, but I also released a quick video on the Gala Coordination Center this past weekend…

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I’ve got all the footage and loot stats I need now for the Angel DED sites – they’ll start being posted on a Wed/Sat schedule starting Feb 23rd!

In the meantime, I posted the first in a separate series geared towards brand new players:
Gallente Frigates for Combat Sites

The Caldari video should be out in early March, followed by Minmatar after the rest of these Angel Cartel videos are up. The Amarr video will be a ways in the future, after I’ve tackled the combat site series for Blood Raiders…

Here come the Angel DED rated sites, starting with the Minmatar Contracted Bio-Farm!

These will be posted twice weekly on a Wed/Sat schedule, except the 5/10 which I’ll only be delaying in order to post a video on Caldari frigates. :slight_smile:

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And here’s the Angel 2/10, the Angel Creo-Corp Mining site.

Like the Guristas 2/10, this site often seems to be bugged out. I think this might be from players consuming the key from the first room, and then leaving the site unfinished.

The Angel 3/10, the Angel Repurposed Outpost, is up!

And here’s the Angel 4/10, the Angel Cartel Occupied Mining Colony. This is definitely difficult to complete in an assault frigate – not so much dangerous, just tough to break the tank of the Domination Excavator…

The next video in the series for the Angel 5/10 will be next Saturday. Though I do have another video coming this Wednesday on Caldari frigates!

And the final DED rated Angel Cartel site in the series, the Angel’s Red Light District!

Videos for the unrated combat signatures are on schedule, starting this upcoming Wednesday…

Here come the unrated Angel Cartel sites, starting with the Angel Hideout and its escalation Blue Pill!

These will continue to be released on a Wed/Sat schedule…

And here’s the Angel Lookout, along with its escalation Chasing the Dragon!

Just two more to go, though I’ll also be releasing a video on Minmatar frigates for new players shortly after this series is complete…

Getting close to the end of the series with the Angel Watch, and its escalation The Nuclear Small Arms Project! The first room can be rough if you take the battle, but there is a way of blitzing it if you know the spawn patterns or have the correct gate key…

And closing out the high-security Angel Cartel combat site series is the Angel Vigil, with its escalation The Big Blue! This is among the toughest sites in high security space, but there is a way of blitzing it quite quickly. Once you figure it out, it seems to be among the best in terms of potential loot drops.

This upcoming Wednesday I’ll be posting one final video on Minmatar frigates for new players. After that, I’ll be moving along to Blood Raider sites, though there will be a pause of at least a few weeks before they start being released…

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