High-Security Guristas Combat Site Video Series

Greetings, pilots!

Last year I put together a video series on all of the high security Serpentis combat sites. Now I’m doing the same for the Guristas! This guide is primarily geared towards newer pilots, though it does have some info on NPC spawns for some sites that may not be widely known.

The first video on the Guristas Burrow is up.

I’ll be posting new videos on a Wed/Sat schedule for the Hideaway, Refuge, and Den. Videos on the DED Rated sites will follow.

In the past, I also posted a comprehensive Gallente Cosmos guide, available both on my new website and in a 24-part video series.
And a blind playthrough of the Gallente Epic Arc in an Ishkur.


The Guristas Hideaway is up!

Marginally related, I also posted a quick guide for the Crimson Harvest Network Node event sites.

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And here’s the Guristas Refuge!

The Den will be coming on Saturday, followed by the DED rated sites later in November.

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The Guristas Den is up!

The DED rates sites are likely to start coming out next Saturday, November 13th. I have a bit more stats gathering for the 3/10 and 4/10 sites I want to do; and am trying out a few fits for the 5/10.

I haven’t had a lot of luck with the unrated Guristas sites escalating through to the finale. I won’t release those videos until I have complete footage… Meanwhile I went out to Minmatar space to run some unrated Angel sites for all of two days, and got escalations galore. :laughing:

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Videos for the high-security DED rated Guristas sites are coming along nicely. I’ll be posting them weekly on Saturdays, starting today!

The Guristas 1/10, the Pith-Robux Asteroid Mining & Co is up.

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And here’s the Guristas 2/10, the Pith Merchant Depot.

This site seems a bit flakey, as there’s a named NPC that doesn’t always seem to appear. I’m not sure if this is a game bug, or if players might be interfering with it by only running the first room and trying to sell the passkey in contracts.

Meanwhile, things have picked up for the Guristas unrated sites, so videos for those are definitely on the way as well!

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The Guristas 3/10, the Guristas Guerilla Grounds, is up!

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And here’s the Guristas 4/10, the Guristas Scout Outpost. Gotta love those multispectrum shield hardeners…

The 5/10 will be coming next Saturday. In the meantime, I made good enough progress on videos for the unrated sites to comfortable start releasing them a little earlier than I was originally thinking. The Gurista Hideout will be out this upcoming Wednesday, and the rest on a Wed/Sat schedule starting the following week…

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The Guristas 5/10 will be coming this Saturday, but in the meantime I’ve also been putting together videos for the unrated sites.

The video guide for the Gurista Hideout, and its escalation Sooth Sayer, is up!

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And the final DED rated Guristas site in the series, the Guristas Hallucinogen Supply Waypoint!

Three more to go, coming out on Wednesdays and Saturdays…

I also posted a short video for anyone looking to run the Wightstorm Comms Relay sites – bring out the festival launchers!

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And here’s the Gurista Lookout, along with its escalation Trap!

I definitely found that running the unrated escalations in Caldari space can frequently lead to long routes, if you have your autopilot set to Prefer Safer. Caldari high-security space is heavily fragmented into long pipes that end near low-security systems. I constantly was bouncing between Oimmo, Mastakomon, or all the little islands in Lonetrek.

I’ll be posted videos for the Watch and Vigil on Sat, Dec 18 and Wed, Dec 22 respectively…

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Getting close to the end of the series with the Gurista Watch, and its escalation Terrorist Plot!

This can be rough if you battle it out, but the site can also be blitzed quite quickly if you know what you’re doing…

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And closing out the high-security Guristas combat site series with the Gurista Vigil, and its escalation Kidnapped! Another potentially tough fight, unless you know how to blitz it…

I’ve already started running sites in Minmatar space, so I hope to start posting video guides for Angel Cartel sites in the new year… Until then, have a great holiday season!

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Nice job and gratz for all the hard work creating a walk-thru video series for Serpentis and Guristas exploration combat sites. Also for the Gallente Cosmos and Epic Arc.

Always good to have info guides created for the community. Your hard work is appreciated.

Thank you sir :smiley:

Angel site running is coming along – in some cases, I’m running sites for my first time (Angel 1/10 and 2/10). I’m using a Retribution for most of it.

And since I like assault frigates so much, I put together a little 3-part series explaining why :wink:
Part 1 - Ship Attributes
Part 2 - Traveling
Part 3 - PvE Combat

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