First escalation - guristas scout outpost lvl 4 - alpha clone

So, I’ve managed to complete my first ever escalation - guristas scout outpost LVL 4, as an alpha clone, in the Uuna 0.4 system. My T1 Corax worked out very well for this (as well as for some other old-style LVL 4 security missions, apart those in which a Caracal was needed, also). Sadly. no more LVL 4 are allowed.

The question is: I heard that the loot was very rich for those escalations, but I’ve only got a main crate worthing 90 mils, and nothing else relevant.

is that tipical?


Loot in expeditions (escalations) can be very lucrative depending on your luck with RNG. The value of a site ranges from just the overseer loot to faction drops that can be worth upwards of 400m.

So, in that regard you’ve done ok (I guess).

Type “Pithum C-Type” in market search to see every possible module from this 4/10 site. Plus Gila BPC.

The day after I did exactly the same 4\10 with my corax and… only 9Mils. Disappointed. This time was in a 0.5 (KAUNOKKA) system instead of a 0.4 (UUNA)

Escalation from Guristas Hideaway or Refuge is not the only way to get to this site. You can also find it scanning Cosmic Signatures with Core Scanner Probes.

Ah, ok. And how you recognize them among other things?

When you scan a signature up to 25% it shows its type. You are looking for Combat level II sites, when you scan it further to 75% its will show its exact name, at this point you might get Guristas Scout Outpost (rated DED 4/10), Guristas Watch (unrated) or Chemical Yard (Rogue Drone site). Scan it to 100% and you’ll be able to warp there.

Combat level I sites are Guristas Guerilla Grounds (DED 3/10), Haunted Yard (drones), Desolate SIte (drones), Guristas Lookout (unrated), Guristas Hideout (unrated). I skip the 2 latter cause they don’t allow cruisers in.

Combat level III is always Guristas Vigil (unrated).

Rated sites (3-4/10) drop deadspace loot which is more valuable. Unrated sites drop faction loot and implants and they also escalate a lot. Drone sites are rather fun and easy if you’re prepared.

good, thanx.

Scannable sites in Caldari space, i.e. Gurista combat sites, is rather heavily competitive territory. You need to find quiet pockets and learn to run them as quick as you can.

You shouldn’t loot and salvage as you go. You should always go for the overseer first. You can bookmark rooms and return to loot and salvage later.

I’m discovering escalations too and during my second, after killing some 120 rats, I had approx 10mil in loot and salvage, for a ded 3 site. So I decided I’d blow up the rats biggest structure in the last pocket, which looked like a station. I sent the drones, it took them a little while to pop it, but that was a good idea, since that’s where I found the “valuables” ^^

The fact that my escalation site was still visible in the agency, countdown running and all, was also a hint that there was more to do.

Gee… only 90m… my heart bleeds for ya. I just completed same site and got the 7th and 8th tier Overseer’s effects and nothing else. The regular crap drops and salvage which amounted to a couple mil… but that’s it. Nice! Thanks for wasting my time…
Oh, not to mention the couple mil in drones I lost…!

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