Roaming enemies Guristas escalation, can't find info on it

Been looking to see if it is worth running as it is not in high sec, is there a way to give this escalation away?

I’ve never heard of that escalation and couldn’t find any info either. Would be nice to document it and add the info to Uniwiki.

What site did you get it from?

Anyway, to give an escalation away to somebody else, you can warp to the escalation site, make a bookmark and give that to them. Doesn’t matter if the escalation is a DED site gained from Combat Anomalies or a 4 stage expedition gained from named Combat Signatures, any character can use the bookmark and warp to the site.

As for the 4 stage expeditions, when the character completes the 1st stage site they should get an escalation message which will either tell them the expedition has ended or lead them to the next stage of the expedition.

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