Scout Outpost Escalations

As I’m sure most of you know. You can run Guristas Hideaway and Refuges and sometimes they will escalate into a “Scout Outpost”
Now these are great to farm because of the potential for a Pithum C-Type Invulnerability (Currently around 400m)
So I was curious just how often these sites escalated into a Scout Outpost and how often a SO dropped a P-CType.

For the last few days I’ve had an alt running around doing Hideaways, Refuges and Dens as often as I could find them and recording if they escalated or of a Dread Guristas dropped.
Every time I ran a site I would either mark “YES” or “NO” for a Scout Outpost or Dread Guristas and then divided it into the total number ran to get a percentage.
I threw out any sites that became contested by other people running them after I started as to not contaminate the data.
So first some raw numbers.
Refuges run 150
Escalations 10 (% 6.67)
Dreads (10) (%6.67)
Longest run with out escalation (42)

Hideaways Run 103
escalations 6 (5.83%)
Dreads 9 (8.74%)
Longest Run with out escalation (44)

I would like to note that with the Hideaways the last 44 have not escalated for me, I think the RNG gods are not happy with me. I was actually getting over 10% on the hideaways until that long streak of nothing there at the end.
Now as the the Scout Outposts.
Of the 16 there were 10 in High Sec and 6 in Low Sec.
Of the 10 in HS 2 dropped the C - Type
Of the 10 in HS 4 only had officer effects and nothing else.
Of the 10 in HS 4 has Effects and something else other than the C - Type.

I’m still in the process of running enough Dens for it to be a meaningful amount of data.
Currently I’m only at 41 Dens with 5 escalations (and I think that’s a high percentage [15.15%] )

So there you have it. Near 7% escalation from Refuges and 6% from Hideaways.

Now one thing I didn’t track and I regret not doing it is system security. I don’t know if a .7 system has a better chance of an escalation vs a .8 system

In fact I’d love it if any of the Devs could answer that question!! :slight_smile:


I think there’s a cap on escalations as in you can only get si many escalations over several days

My god. Someone remembers how to eve…


Last I knew a guristas hideaway does not escalate to a scout outpost. A hidden hideway can but a hideaway should only escalate to a ded 3 (guerrilla grounds).

Btw this is not the best way to do outposts if you want to do them. The only good thing about this system is you get the complex to yourself. But if I was serious about doing outposts, I would find many more and quicker by just scanning for them.

That would explain a lot. I went 42 Refuge and 44 Hideaway at the same time with out an escalation.

Hideaways do escalate to Scout Outposts. You are thinking of Burrows, they escalate to the 3/10

I had 100% drop rate with that expensive module in past month, only have done one scout site I got as escalation, doing only one refuge. Loot fairy likes me more. :sunglasses:

Ah, a fellow spreadsheet nerd. :blush:

Awesome post!

might have to try this with a high dps ship to quickly do them

I used a nighthawk with heavy auto targeting missiles. It’s too easy. Warp to site, hit F1 to win. minimize screen. Rinse Repeat.

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