Escalations spawning in highsec %

Just wondering how exactly escalations work. I’m currently doing gurista dens and refuges in 0.5sec and a lot of them spawn in lowsec which sucks tbqh.

Is there a way to influence escalations to spawn more in highsec instead of lowsec or are they just fixed probability %?

Just luck, but if you do the dens near low-sec I think the prob of being sent there increases

Interesting, I was wondering why the hell this 0.5 system I’m currently in has tons of dens and refuges. It’s two jumps away from lowsec. I should probably go back huh.

2 jumps is too close, Ive had escalations take me 8 or 9 jumps away before, I would suggest at least that as a buffer to your nearest non-high sec space

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Alright gonna try to keep this in mind, cheers.

It is actually harder than it seems I found, some places like forge are overpopulated so you have to move out a bit, but then I suppose some of those low secs maybe quiet and if you can scout yourself in, you may be able to do them still.

Yeah I feel like the logistical problems and risk you would have to take to do a 5/10 on a relatively low SP is too much. I’d say max I’m comfortable taking to lowsec would be a vexor or a jackdaw tbqh.

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