Low sec escalation questions

i m new to the game. about 40 days old, and i do pve on high sec and i m trigering escalations mostly in low sec and i m trying to figure out how can i make them without getting attacked by other players so i have some questions. 1 the only way i can be found in the escalation site by other player is with scan probes or there is another way? 2 if he finds me he can warp directly to me or he ll find the accelleration gate?

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You can get caught on the jump gate while traveling to/through low-sec.

Once when in site, the only way that someone can catch you is with the combat probes and/or you accepting the fleet invite and them warping to you. There are pilots out there which can run their probes only once in order to find your location. So be vigilant with the directional scanner.

The pilot who has found you has to go through all acceleration gates in order to reach you.

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on the jump gate its easier to get caught when i jump in or when i jump out? in low sec always…

I’ve found (unless it has changed in recent years) that most escalations are approx 9 jumps away from where you get it. If you keep 9+ jumps away from any low sec it will reduce the chance of you getting an escalation in low sec

hm, thanks Giddy, i think that would be the best for now…

Metropolis was where i did it, the right side of the map doesnt have many low sec areas

Is it really possible to be 9+ jumps away from lowsec? I didn’t realize highsec was so vast.

Also take into consideration that some ships, like combat recons, do not show up on dscan.

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