A wolverine asking the trappers for advice :)

I’m about to leave the tutorial part and want to drop into lowest to learn how to not die as often. Plus other skills but that’s the first one I’m probably going to start learning right off the bat.
So, I understand this is just asking for trouble but I’m hoping for some honest answers.
In low sec what are some of the least traveled systems that I can roam while looking for trouble? Initially I’d prefer npc bases to work from until I get more of the combat and exploring basics.
So what do you suggest to be on the fringe of chaos but not right in the middle of it?

These are not the areas of space you’re looking for… Low-sec is the EVE equivalent of the 70’s van with “Free Candy” written on the side.


Actually it is lol. I’m a child of the 70’s so it’s not scary but it is necessary learning.

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The traffic of the various systems is available in the in-game map, but also on third-party sites that use the API that CCP provides. Here is one that shows the number of jumps per system for a region:

There is other data there, including player ship and pod kills, that might help guide you to the quieter areas of New Eden.

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In my experience: Solitude, Aridia and Derelik are all quite empty. Faction warfare systems, and systems close to the major trade hubs tend to be more busy.

All stations in low sec are NPC and available to all (possible exceptions if you’re part of FW?) Player-owned citadels generally are not.

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