What hi-sec systems are very active just outside of low sec that are almost trade hubs? Like Hek?

Hi all!

Just wondered what systems are very popular as hi-sec into low-sec paths, that might be good to supply with ships and modules to make re-shipping easier for people?

I am just starting to get into market / manufacturing and wanted to know what might be some good systems to sell my goods? I am talking about places like Hek and Teonusude.

The only locations I cannot supply will be Amarr space…

Any suggestions?


Sooooo… a good rule of thumb in EVE is:

“The more popular the area, the more dangerous it potentially is.”

Let me elaborate:

There is certain degree of convenience when there are many, many people concentrated in an area.
After all, one person cannot do and produce everything.
And the closer one is to supply chains and markets the more competition for goods there is (cheaper prices), the shorter the supply runs are (more time spend optimizing one’s efforts), and the less time hassling with logistics.

The flip side of that is the more “honey” there is in at certain locations, the more certain “predators” are attracted to that location.
And in more crowded systems it is more difficult to see these people (though, one should be taking precautions anyways).

This issue is increased by an order of magnitude in low-sec space (0.4 to 0.1 systems).
In low-sec there is no NPC protection besides a token defense from the stargates and stations.
This means than the more “popular” a low-sec system is, the more of a bloodbath it is (which can be a good thing if you are enterprising enough and can stomach risk :wink: ).


More popular places carry more risk.
In high-sec, the most popular paths are the shortest paths to the destination. These paths also carry the highest risk.
In low-sec, the most “popular” paths are the ones no one is on… and these paths change daily. Being safer is a greater priority.

As a new trader, I recommend you keep an eye on the Genesis region. There may be some interesting opportunities there.

Minmatar space is in much better position to become new central trade hub


In Gallente space the faction warfare hubs are Orvolle and Stacmon.

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Thank you

I’m quite inexperienced so I don’t really any places like that. I live in Dodixie and I used to do FW, there are some violent FW systems like Old Man Star not (too) far away from Dodixie. There is a system 5 jumps away from Dodixie called Villore. The market there is VERY empty. Even frigates are scarce there. It has an LP store and is very close to many FW systems. Try selling some frigates and modules for FW there. I’m not sure if this will work, what I hope will happen here is that players based there(if there are any) will consistently give you business. Frigates and guns aren’t very hard to manafacture.

You can have the map show all kinds of statistics. How many people in space, how many docked, number of jumps per hour, pve kills, PvP kills and a whole bunch more.

From examining all that you can deduce what the busy systems are, which routes people use and, to a degree, WHY those systems are busy. Then couple that with figuring out the mission corps people use and some more info. Combine all that and you get a good idea of where you’d want to look for business opportunities.

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