What to do in low sec

So I’ve decided to give life in low sec a try with my alphas, I’ve visited a few, besides all the PVE which will be difficult to do, I’ve been watching the comings and goings of the locals, besides shooting each other and passerby’s and the militas, floating cap ships, what is there to do?

Sure I can PVP and get blown away, then what, most of the locals are much the same as high sec, no local chat, they are on other channels or when they do chat it’s just to call each other insults, then there’s the gate camps, but besides killing others which is fine but everyone is uptight about inviting others to roam, most people just sit at the gate or station popping others, I don’t know, seems bit uninteresting, I would like to try the PVE again but not if I keep getting jumped, well, I’m chasing my tail at this point, you get it (I hope).

Lowsec is just a no-man’s land between the NPC empire hisec and the pirate/player empires in nullsec. It differs from hisec primarily in that (if we’re talking about non-Faction Warfare lowsec) the only NPC punishment for aggression is the gate and station guns, and capital ships are allowed. It differs from nullsec in that warp bubbles and bombs are still not allowed. It has more profitable PvE and missions, though you are always at risk of attack by other players. There are strategies you can employ to reduce that risk (like learning to use the directional scanner, making friends with the locals, preferentially running the combat signature sites since they have to be scanned down, etc.).

Lowsec is, essentially, simultaneously a place for pilots interested in PvP to dip their toes into it, as well as a staging area for roaming into nullsec. It’s the shallow end of the pool. That’s not to say that it is “nullsec-lite” or anything, just that lowsec allows a player to be fairly independent without committing to the restrictions of hisec space, or committing to the logistical nightmare of solo NPC nullsec play, or committing to a larger player organization in the sovereignty game.

Faction Warfare lowsec is its own different monster.


I spent a long time living in lowsec, doing almost no PvP. I have a few lowsec homes that I use for gas mining, solo PvE and solo-PvE in WHs. It’s pretty easy to find quiet, out of the way places to roam for PvE, gas for industry, as well as casual WH content.

Its obviously not as good of ISK as other places, but it’s a lot more exciting from a solo and/or small group PvE point of view.

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Humm, yeah, I am going to continue looking around at this point, maybe it’s just the low sec systems I’ve been in so far.

Lowsec if my fav, I lived in Notoras once in Black Rise, it is a quiet deadend system in the middle of areas that you can get fun fights in even as a solo player. Plus your within like, 10 jumps from Jita (You go through Tama, so learn that system well and use scouts).

FW lowsec space is the best space for fun PvP, solo roaming and small, medium fleets. Personal income-wise not so much, DED sites are a thing, and clone soldiers. A bit of trading. You may live from PvP loot if you are careful.

With proximity to highsec, the NPC stations and freeports, the many wormhole connections, it’s easy to live in highsec and just daytripping into lowsec.

I have been wanting to branch out into cap building such as carriers, Rorqual’s, force auxiliaries, jump freighters, and black ops, however the resources in high sec much less you can’t even fly them restricts this, at the moment I am only able to build frieghters and Orca’s.

Don’t think this is viable without backup (corp) in lowsec. Your operation base will be too much of a target unless you stick to NPC stations and lose all the benefits.

I tried exploring in low sec. But without cloak people with mental iusse like to blow up your ships with no means of defending themselves. So if you don’t have a big bank, don’t go low sec

Everybody tries to blow up everybody else not blue, this is kind of the purpose of lowsec. Also you can make a decent living from shooting explorers and loot their stuff. :wink:

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Explo frigates are cheap. Buy several and keep trying. Make safe spots and the like. Use the map to forecast dangerous systems and watch local and dscan.

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Where are you going to go? And how does cloak even help in low sec?

Just warp to a star and make a safe spot mid way, and warp back to the safe, even if someone is on the star, you an explorat ship so you algien crazy fast so people wont snipe you.

While on a site cloak doesnt help you at all as you can not hack and cloak, or even cloak near the box, so you need yo watch dscan and pay attention for probes.

I stopped here, since you are assuming you will lose there is really no point in the discussion.

I’ve had great luck farming in some of the backwater la systems that dead end in T3’s. Travel fit with a mobile depot and you’re in business.

It’s almost impossible to catch you on a gate with the right travel fit and it’s even easier if you have a toon in an astero to scout and scan for you.

Who fires at a ship without any weapons on it, has probably an inferiority complex

I too feel bad getting a drink from an open bar.

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