CCP wnts me to go to LowSec but I say No No No

Something is not right when 75% of my escalations go to LoSec.

Lately, without my changing where I go to get escalations, nowadays three out of four lead to LowSec.

Most of them route through Tama!! The most gate camped system in Eve.

So I am supposed to take 500mill to 1 bill in hull,fitings and implants to LowSec for the chance that possibly might get no more in 1.2 mill/40mill from a 4/10 or 5/10? But a really good chance that if I manage to slip the gate camp I am going to get hunted … because big fat juicy PVE target is what (I spent a month in NullSec, try and tell me no).

I do lots of things in Eve which make no sense at all but this is not one of them.

So I have a question. Is this a rngJesus thing or should I open a ticket and ask some pointed questions about why my normal HiSec escalations now lead to LoSec?


It’s a risk averse carebear thing.


Yep. Risk averse. You too it looks like.


Do it enough and it will become safe, just learn the game mechanic’s master them and you will be even safer than in high sec, not that safety is something you should aim for when you get better :].


Well, Tama is a little busy for PvE ships, i give you that. That’s why i wont post something about “get-out-of-your-confort-zone-bla-bla” :wink:

But hey, escalations are supposed to be more dangerous but more lucrative. And they are completly voluntary. Not much you can do about it expect looking for another mission agent a bit farther away and hope he doesn’t send you through one of the most notorious ganking systems in New Eden.


No, you are supposed to have a ship in Sujarento that you can just grab by going there in an insta warp ceptor or T1 frigate ceptor and run the escalations with that ship. Since so many of your escalations seem to go to that direction, it would be worth it to have such a ship stored in that system.

No, it is not RNGesus because some escalations are supposed to end up in low sec. Conflict driver and easy target farming and all these things.


I thought 100% of escalations went to LS ?

This refers to the original idea of triggering an “expedition”, which could then escalate through as many as four sites, was it not the idea that the last site was almost always in LS ?


The first few sites can stay in high but the last or some before usually go to low or null.


Sell them.

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I can also recommend to run Level 4 missions in NPC 0.0, if you can manage to join or blue the inhabitants. Way more LP’s and mostly better LP stores. And it’s not that dangerous as it sounds. Nobody can catch you in the site if they don’t use scanner probes, and these can be detected with D-scan. And forget about the bling, all level 4 missions can easily be done with a T2 fitted strategic cruiser.

Mission running is one of the savest activities you can do in NPC 0.0 (if you are not afk!) and they are allways aviable. Also, you will get to know interresting people :wink:

And at least you know exactly who is going to shoot you. I allways get a bit paranoid if i have to fly through highsec and see a catalist or brutix.


Pick a L4 agent 3 jumps away from lowsec. And Tama is not the most gate-camped place in Eve. Where I live is the most gate-camped place in Eve. Ever heard of Uedama? It’s really not a problem. I have a Degree in Philosophy, by the way. Life doesn’t get easier; YOU get better. You’re welcome and good luck.



From my own experience, all the dens that escalate, and all the further escalations, go to a site with a lower truesec than the system they were in, up to 10 jumps.

eg if you go in lanngisi, with a 0.45 truesec, you should 100% go to lowsex.
on the opposite, if you go in a system with truesec 6.49 (ie the highest for sec status 6 ) you should have escalations in high sec.


I am not talking about Expeditions like you get from sites you scan down but DED rated complexes that you get from sites such as Guristas Refuge and Guristas Den

Guristas Scout Outpost (DED 4/10) or a
Guristas Hallucinogen Supply Waypoint (DED 5/10) ( and Yes you get them in HiSec also)

To elaborate, I know from experience that almost any escalation you get from a site in Aramachi is going to lead to 7-8-9 jumps away into LoSec vs Isenairos where 9 times out of 10 (used to be at any rate) it will be 8-9 jumps into HiSec.

So what I am fuming about is that systems like Isenairos now seem to do the opposite. Chances are now it will lead to 8-9 jumps away into LoSec.

So I am really suspicious now.

This reminds me of when the Sentient Drones spawn rate suddenly dropped into the toilet. To the point where running those sites is now more often than not a waste of time. But that is a rant for another day.

Edit: Changed 10 jumps to 8-9 jumps

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I can only think of one solution, changing place to farm the dens and refuges to somewhere else if you dont like jumping thru Tama.


That is a thought. I might give that one some consideration. Except I would also possibly store a clone there with the ship.


I am considering going back to Null at some point (just not right now) and I vaguely recall hearing about NCP NUll.

Something to look into. Where, what systems should I look into whereas most of my skills are based on Guristas rats?

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Uedama!!! Yep. Usually passing through to elsewhere, but thas CODE HQ. When I was in NullSec Tama was the place where you were almost guaranteed 100% to run into a camp.


I know what you do, that you run den anoms. to escalate them.
I also know (from experience) you can get the ded5 in HS.

That’s why I talk about “from my experience”, I know what you do, and I tell you how it seems to work for me.
The “following escalations” is for the case you get an escalation from an unrated signature, for which the same applies from my experience.

back to your saying, is a 0.49 truesec system, meaning there is almost no system with lower truesec in HS in the 10 jumps range. (did not check, just looked at a few .5 truesec)
is a .8 truesec system. thus it can lead to any .8 and lower truesec system in the range.
You should look how many truesec system are lower than .8 in the range (you say 8-9 I think it can be 6-10 )

I will try to make the list of systems from x-+y jumps to another, sorted by truesec.

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Escalations should not be in high sec at all. Learn how to play the game.


I’m curious if pilots from Null-Sec also get expeditions to Low-Sec.