CCP wnts me to go to LowSec but I say No No No


(Sebat Hadah) #21

Why do people always cry about their content in Losec. Losec isnt even that bad. I mean…are you scared? I do escalations in Losec in a cloaky tengu if I see probes within 1 au of my position I piss off. When they leave I go back. If I get caught I fight back. If I die then I died gloriously. Maybe I take a few of them with me.

(Sir Dude) #22

Low sec is the wild west and will chew up the casual pve person on a mission in a fit that is not for such space. The PvPers will tell you to go there/make friends etc. (haha) as it gives them easy kills…but you should take extra caution in low sec as they will lift up your skirt and aim for it. Doesn’t matter if you are missioning or not…the 7+ year players hanging in 0.4 around gates for easy kills will take great pleasure in screwing you over. That’s how low sec works…scumbag central.

(Sebat Hadah) #23

Or you could have some skill and fly like you’ve got a pair. (Or whatever the female equivilant is)

(Uriel the Flame) #24

:eyes: A pair of :melon: ? :thinking:

(Wavemistress Moidel) #25

A simple fact most high-sec mission runners doing escalations will not venture into low-sec why would they? CCP are idiots to think otherwise.

(Magnus Witchspace) #26

Hmm. Maybe :bacon::bacon: ?

(Shallanna Yassavi) #27

Or you could rightclick -> avoid Tama.

If you don’t want to run the escalation in lowsec, you can take something fast out and sell the escalation.

Edit: Oh, right. If you’re going to take the fast thing through Tama, clean clone.

(Anderson Geten) #28

nobody is crying, only you. We don’t care about what you do. Really.

(Lfod Shi) #29

From a pure isk perspective I’ve lost more to hostiles in High than in Low.

…(edit) Operation: Replace Everything continues…

(Chainsaw Plankton) #30

if you take a route that doesn’t go through tama your risk of getting caught on a gate go way down. Also if you can get by most gate camps with the mwd+cloak trick. And check some map stats, a lot of out of the way lowsec systems are really pretty safe.

I’ve never done the gurista 5/10, but the 4/10 is pretty easy, you don’t need some shiny ship or pod to run it. So try a cheap ship, with a cheap clone, if I’m not pvp roaming I usually stay in a +3 or +4 pod in low or null.

And if you don’t think the reward is worth the risk don’t do it. Risk and reward are big parts of Eve.

(Anderson Geten) #31

ded5 guristas require sig tanking or very tanky ship. The several battleships can deal a lot of cruise missile damage at 150km. Room 1 and 2 are very easy. r3 is harder than a congolese morning wood.

just looked at the data,

you also get jammed and webbed.

(Beast of Revelations) #32

I don’t blame you. I try to avoid low sex situations like the plague.

(Uriel the Flame) #33



(Beast of Revelations) #34

I assure you, low sex is no laughing matter.

(JakeNicholson) #35

When you run escalations such as 5/10 s in HS, you are fairly safe, but some annoying punks, including yours truly, will combat scan you and try to steal it or get you into a fight. I kind of specialized in stealing HS 5/10s for a couple of months then moved on. Combat scan any possible ship (you quickly get the hang of it, Tengus and Gilas often “interesting”) then jump to ship^. You get the site message, reship accordingly and go for it. In most cases, the shiny blingy PVPer will not react. After all, at the time, he could lose a 600 mil Gila or a 1.2bil Tengu. If you react badly, EM damage will ofc rain on you.

As far as low sec is concerned, doing a 5/10 is mostly safe if you pay minimal attention. It can be a bit more time consuming than rushing one in HS because of the eventual safety warp outs.

The key point is knowing what can and can’t happen.

Always check everyone in local and their killboards. Try to see if there is any risk based on the local population. Check every new entry in local. A harmless NPC corp guy in a Heron can be a scanning alt.

You can’t be attacked by surprise. People will need to combat scan you. Quite obvious on d-scan. People will need to take gates, quite obvious as well both on d-scan and if you are in pocket. Even if you aren’t paying attention to d-scan (you deserve to die) and someone warps into your pocket, the risk can be greatly mitigated by moving away from the gate as you clear the rats. There’s nothing more frustrating for an attacker than landing on a PVP Tengu at 100km. BTW, at this point, if your site is compromised, don’t go back to it, unless local is empty. A cloaky may be hanging in the escalation pocket, which can be crowded fast.

The problem about LS is, of course, getting there and the risk of gatecamps. Travel fits are your friend there. The Tengu can be made almost uncatchable unless you have extreme bad luck. With extreme bad luck, anything can happen anyway. You could have eyes on the gate, but even if you play solo, some ships/fits just won’t be caught. Again, checking the killboards is a good precaution. No recent kill doesn’t exclude a gatecamp, it could be just starting. But kills will give you and idea of what to expect.

In my experience - I have done 100+ - a 5/10 pays between 130 mil and 150 mil. I get around 80% of them in low. If you don’t do them, you are losing 80% of your potential revenue. Assuming they take twice the time and all other things are being equal you get roughly 3 times the ISKs per hour doing the low ones as well, the 20% HS you’d get anyway and 40% of what you would get if they were all in HS. Plus, you’ll have some fun.

If you are really paranoid or scared, you can also install a clone behind the gatecamp, have a fit shipped to your clone or, as others have mentioned, use an interceptor to travel.

Gatecamps can be scary and I understand HS players can be really afraid of them after they have lost a few ships to them by doing all the wrong things. But behind the bottlenecks, LS is usually fairly safe if you pay minimal attention.

As far as null is concerned, it depends. Bubbles at gates introduce another level of worry, some areas are watched almost round the clock, some are very quiet.

(zluq zabaa) #36

Good, stay out of Lowsec. Bye.

(Makshima Shogo) #37

Unless ofc they have alt’s and bait you :]

(Arthur Aihaken) #38

Low-sec is like watching rodents hit the pellet feeder.

(Solstice Projekt) #39

Why would anyone be stupid enough to need such an expensive setup in the first place …

(Uriel the Flame) #40

SShhhh… don’t discourage blingy loot pinatas! :wink: