Yet another lowsec living thread

Apparently it’s been like two years since anyones tossed up a “What’s a good pve ship to rat low in?!” thread. Gila is my go to girl when I need to print some quick liquidity and there aren’t any meatsacks in the area with hulls to mine and the worm is a sexy ■■■■■ when you need some tags. For everything else there’s Tengu. :rofl:

AG comps has proven excellent business as well.

How’s everyone been adapting to the last years changes, I’ve found it affected life here the most.

inb4 lowsec is where you go to spend not make ISK - No, you’re just bad at this. :wink:

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i like the jackdaw for general ratting, and running DED 2-4s. i use the tengu for DED 5+ and some of the harder unrated sites. their escalations can be very profitable.

Gila but that one’s obvious.

For a more exciting answer, I sometimes use a NAugoror to run Blood/Sansha anoms up to yards or dens or whatever the one before rally points are. Works better than you might think. Have to get it repaired a lot, but for something I got off the hypernet on a whim it’s decent at what it does and fairly cheap. Well, I got it for cheap anyways.

Due to the general hazards of living in low-sec, the T3D’s tend to be the best intersection of escaping hostiles/camps, hunting targets, making isk, and being relatively affordable to lose. The insta-warp Hecate and Jackdaw being the prime options.

Though, the main allure to lowsec is the faction warfare and lvl 5 missions, but one is plagued with farm/botters who actively avoid pvp to gain isk, and the other requires a lot of safety to the point where it might as well be a sovnull activity.

Hopefully the upcoming changes to FW make it more livable – it’s not that you can’t make isk in lowsec, but the isk gained vs the risk associated is very out of whack, which pushes people away from it.

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