Great lowsec areas to explore in?

Hi, I’m a relatively new EVE player and I recently discovered exploring in EVE, and I want to find a great lowsec area to try it out.
Does anyone know any great lowsec areas that are great for exploring?

Btw im currently in Sinq Lason, so it would be best if the area was near Sinq Lason.

Try Olettiers you can go from there into Metropolis Map: Sinq Laison - DOTLAN :: EveMaps

Have fun and fly safe.

Watch local
Use d-scan
Probe Scan while tethered if possible

Systems with few exits, off the path are better

Low sec is dangerous, don’t be afraid to lose a cheap ship, enjoy and profit!

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Generally on the outskirts far from FW complexes or trade hubs. Lower trafic = more sites

You may find wormholes a good “next step” in exploration.

  • Keep using d-scan.
  • Bookmark where you came in so you can get out.
  • Check the Safety Guide.

You are going to start being a casual target for other players, but the sites in Class 1-3 Wormholes are the same difficulty and reward as in null-sec. You’ll be a target in low-sec and null as well.

Remember: don’t get greedy. The ISK isn’t in the account until you are safely able to sell/use the items you find. Getting in and out if low-sec involves going through jump gates that are often camped. Wormholes aren’t.

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