Will an Agent in Highsec send you to Lowsec if there is Lowsec is next door?

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I can’t seem to find info on this question or maybe I’m bad at searching. I have a real example, too.

So if I run level 4 combat missions in Shuria in a 0.5 will it send me next door to Milal (0.3)? Does a highsec agent supply missions that exclusively stay in highsec?

Shuria seems to be a pretty good highsec mission hub, but would be significantly less so if the missions take you to lowsec.


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Hi Jerard, yes, HIghsec L4 security agents do send you to Lowsec occasionally. I’m in Molden Heath, right on the border with Lowsec.

Sometimes it’s for encounters, but in my experience it’s more often in mission chains where one of the missions is a courier job (‘In The Midst of Deadspace’ comes to mind).

I have high enough standings with my Agent that I can decline the Encounter type missions, if they’re in Lowsec, and not lose out by it. I do the courier jobs to Lowsec because it’s straightforward enough, and in all these years I’ve never been gate-ganked (famous last words…).


Depends. Some missions are in system, some are in constel, some are up to next constels.
And yes teonusude/gelfiven will end you to low sec, like half the time.


Yes… it… umm they… Will…

Lowsec missions are a great way to meet other players.


To expand on all of the above: Agents don’t care about security status of systems, only distance relative to the agent within the ruleset for the mission - which isn’t classed by number of jumps, rather, by membership in the hierarchies Anderson highlighted (in-system, in-same-constellation, in-neighboring-constellation, etc.). Higher level missions tend to have wider distance parameters and can send you to systems in different constellations, which may very well be low-sec systems.

Always do your research on the local PCs, too: use all the free intel tools (especially DOTLAN and zKill) and scout in inexpensive ships to see what the locals are like before moving home base to a new area. Even areas that do not border low sec may be a bad choice if there are a lot of mission-hunters operating in the area in your prime time.

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some L4 are constellation-limited, some other are next-constel limited.
Same, some L3 are system limited, some are constel-limited. So it’s not really the mission level, but rather each mission in itself.

Good clarification, thank you.

LOL yeah, face to face :smiley:

Interesting, is there a list of l4 missions or a criteria on which you can decide on the range a certain mission can be?

List of Missions

It doesn’t say anything about range, but it is the Mission-Runner’s ‘Bible’!

It is my understanding that one of the variables in how far the agent sends you is your standing with the agent themselves. If you have high standing, you are less likely to get sent to faraway systems.

That may well be, Xeux. If you come across any reliable source I’d be glad of a peek.


source : go on sisi, use boost standings, keep accepting and declining.

Also on TQ, when the glamourex were not spoiled.


can you reliably test this on sisi without any other players to affect the dynamic load balancing system? i had also been told agent personal standings matter, found it true, although one player is too small a sample.

  1. to lose valuable or useful qualities usually as a result of decay

Are you talking about their expiration? Or did CCP change them somehow from their original quality?

yes. expiry date is typically used to prevent ingestion of spoiled consumable.

With glamourex you could decline missions and not lose standing. In effect, increasing your standing (not exactly true, but in effect you were increase corp and agent standing). Still, the destination of the missions was the same.

Their are agents that operate in areas with no low sec systems close by. Their are three agents close to Dodixie that have not once sent me to low sec. So I guess their must be more out their if you look for them.