HS escalations broken?

Not sure if I am having just the WORST RNG luck today or if something is buggy.
But, I was casually running Guristas Hideaways and Refuges farming them for escalations (4/10 Scout Outposts) while chatting with friends when I noticed 7 hours had gone by and I had not gotten a single escalation.

Now it’s possible BOB was just angry at me for being in HS, but after asking a few other people that do the same thing they said they had been farming for hours and nothing, so I figured I’d ask the community.

Anybody else having trouble with that today?


RNG confirmed R

Here’s an explanation possibly

I’m going to assume this or something like this is the cause.

I decided to keep on in case it was just my bad luck. Nope, Going on 12hrs (with breaks) no escalations.
They must have turned it off with something else. Highly unlikely it would go this long with out an escalation.

Buy more PLEX.

are those escalations profitable?

The issue was, if you read the info after that post, the NPC’s weren’t fighting back, or giving isk.

bugged from the current event that we have going on.

while playing lots is admirable, for your own health take lots of breaks.



I’m genuinely curious how some people can sit through 12 hours of grinding PvE at all.

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Different people like different things. Different people game for different reasons. Different people can or want to invest more time than others.


running sites in HS is something I can do that’s basically risk free. So I can do it while I’m doing other things. and If I need to just walk away from my PC while I’m doing it. No biggie. The NPCs can’t kill me.
So it’s not like I am hard core active while playing. I’m playing while watching TV or doing homework, or basically anything else.

Not related. FOB’s aren’t even close to old anomalies and aren’t using new AI

I had one last night. I also got a 140m drop in some regular non-esc site.

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