Escalations are not appearing in the Agency window

(Pakokkie) #1

Escalations are not showing up to a large number of players. The bug is known for months, since introduction to the Agency window. And it still is unsolved.
After research it shows that pilots in a fleet get a message that an escalation should be found in the agency map with one of the fleetmembers.

Problem is that only pilots flying in fleets know that they should have an escalation. Can you imagine the number of player who fly solo and don’t receive any message and don’t even know that they are missing out on escalations?

I hope the CSM can put this to the attention of the CCP crew because this is one of the main items of Eve, namely EXPLORATION, and it is bugged beyond believe.

Please help me and the other pilots out who are badly hurt by this bug.

(Brisc Rubal) #2

Can you get me a bug report number for this?

(Pakokkie) #3

Hi the bug report number is: EBR-165999

(Pakokkie) #4


Screenshot of the log viewer and the error messages <<< CLICK LINK TO SEE PICTURE OF ERRORS

If you want to see if you have the same errors open the log viewer:

  1. open the agency window and try to search for escalations,
  2. hold: ctrl+shift+alt+m
  3. click the tab log viewer
  4. check for error messages

If you have error messages like I do as seen in the printscreen I linked in the tekst above then you don’t get the escalations you should have.

(KiloAlpha) #5

Yeah , he’s right , it’s definitely bugged

(Pakokkie) #6


It seems that this issue has something to to with corrupt data of older players. CCP gave me a standard answer that it is being researched and that they are hoping to fix it soon.

Well, I guess this feature of the game is off the board for a lot of players now. Thanks for nothing CCP. After almost a year of writing tickets and submitting bug reports all they did is give me precompiled standard answers.

(Pakokkie) #7

After six weeks there is still no progress, communication or whatsoever from CCP…

(Pakokkie) #8


You asked for a bug report number. Have you adressed the right people? Is it going to be fixed?

(Brisc Rubal) #9

I have passed this on, but I don’t have any more information.