The Agency window is not showing escalations to a lot of players

(Pakokkie) #1


If you do anomalies and you want to know if you are experiencing the bug do this:

  1. Open the Agency window;
  2. try to show escalations
  3. press ctrl+shift+alt+m (opens engine tools)
  4. click log viewer
  5. look for errors
    the errors if you see error messages like this your client is bugged too!

(Pakokkie) #2

I circled the error messages in the picture in the post above. A lot of players have this bug. This means that if you should get an escalation it does not show up in a pop up message nor does it show up in your agency window.

People that have this bug are missing out on loads of ISK.

This bug has been reported by people from the beginning of 2018.

Is there any news on a fix?

(Rivr Luzade) #3

Try to switch filters and then switch back to the Escalation filter. That usually loads missing escalations in my case. If that doesn’t help, pray to Bob that CCP Shreddy is not as terrible at developing the Agency as he was at presenting that mess at Vegas. He is working on the Agency 2.0, which is going to have a lot more fancy stuff and alot more eye candy … and hopefully fewer broken things …

But who am I kidding. :rofl:

(Pakokkie) #4

Already tried that and even reinstalling the client. Nothing works.