Maximum Escalation Number

Hi guys, just wondering whether we could only have a limited number of escalation at a time?
This question pop ups because I was doing escalations hunting in before I realizes that when I got the last escalation message, it didn’t show up at The Agency escalation menu. At the time, I already have 6 escalations which I plan to clear with another ship.

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I’ve definitely had more than 6 at the same time… I don’t think there’s a limit.

However, I’ve definitely had the Agency window not get refreshed properly – which is what I suspect is happening here. Switch to another filter, and then back to Escalations. Maybe even close & re-open the window.

Just in case, it’s also worth noting that you’ll get a message box for an escalation ending, just as you will for it continuing. And sometimes you’ll get no message at all if the escalation ends.

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I’ve heard the limit is 12 escalations in the agency window. But seeing you having trouble and myself having trouble with escalations not showing up in the Agency window, it makes me think there is a bug.

Ran an Angel Mineral Aquisition Outpost. Had zero escalations before running. After completing Angel Mineral Aquisition Outpost my main character received the message that I got the escalation, my alt also received a message saying my main got the escalation. However, the escalation does not show up in the Agency window. Does not come up in suggested column either. When choosing Escalations in the pull down menu to try to show only escalations, “Current filtering returns no results” shows instead.

I’ve tried closing the agency window and rebooting the client to force a refresh of the Agency window itself without luck.

Edit: Also tried clearing the cache. No luck showing the escalation.

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