"Highest Available" in The Agency

Could someone explain for me exactly what the “highest available” dropdown option for the level filter in The Agency means? They tried on Rookie Help chat but I still couldn’t grok it :confused: .

I thought it meant for a given faction and/or corp, in a given range of systems, it would show all agents at the highest level my effective standing would allow - so, say, all level 3 Astral Mining corp agents (but not levels 1 or 2) if I had high enough standing. But when I broadened it to say, for example, all systems, or all corps in a faction, etc. it didn’t seem like my choices changed the same way.

Halfway through writing this I realized part of the problem may be the following - does the agency only show 12 agents max no matter what the criteria? That would explain why broadening the search criteria didn’t seem to give the results I expected. If that’s the case, how does the agency decide which 12 to choose?

And if not, I clearly am still not getting something about what “highest available” means …


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I narrowed Mine down toAny Distance / Caldari State / Corporate police force / security / Highest available, and it shown me all 4 and 5. switched to show level 1 then back to highest available, and it shown me the same 12.

and i believe it is only 12 that it shows, because under suggested, its only 12.

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Yep, it shows only a max number of agents, no matter what you do … and it’s somewhat random which. The only way it works kind of correct, if the selection spits out less than the max number. But also if you restrict by range it doesn’t tell you always the truth, so if you say 5j it may not show you agents 1 or 2 jumps away.

Fact is, the search results are not accurate but a guess (for performance reasons?) of a crappy algorithm.


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