Make Escalations deletable or Extend the shown amount

Hello Forums,

for the past two days I have been on an exploration spree and collecting data about Faction Spawn and Escalation probability. The really lucky RNG set aside, I encountered an Issue:

The Agency won’t show more than 12 Escalations. And they’re sorted by distance most of the time. So when I tipped over 12, I just wasn’t able to see them in the sea of shitty lowsec escalations.

Here’s the suggestion:

Right Click in the Agency on an Escalation, CANCEL, have it deleted. Done.
That would be a massive QoL thing, a simple Cancel Escalation button.


Totally support the idea. And you need to dig deeper, it does not show them based on distance, that filter is fked up and it ONLY shows them based on distance.

The other solution could be showing all escalations, not just 12


Would love if escalations where 3 jumps away instead of 8 so many times it’s taking my alt into allied space where pve is prohibited and its rather annoying trying to explain that I’m not ratting in their space.

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