Delete 1 add none

So you deleted that escalation tab from the journal. And then ‘added’ it to agency cluster fk menu. Except, it only shows 1, there is no way to filter to only show it and I’m now losing isk hand over fist. Like wtf. How is utter annihilation an improvement? How? I mean you guys are coders, you’re supposed to be smart. Even a moron wouldn’t have screwed this up. How? HOW???
sprinkles salt and scuttles back into the shadows

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Put your feedback in this thread,

It has a much higher chance of being read there.


I have the same problem.

Things never change really.

I got that covered bro, thought I’d use my other flame thrower here.

It’s the new blue collar work, donchaknow?

–Ivory Tower Gadget


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