Escalation bug is still present after a year

A lot of old characters have a bug where escalations do not show up in the Agency window.
This problem is known by CCP for over a year now.
After filing many bug reports and asking questions nothing happens.

  • Is this normal behaviour of CCP?
    ** Will CCP do something about it? (they promised me they are working on it)
    *** How is CCP going to compensate the players for the missed opportunities?

In my experience it is ruining the game. Furthermore, it is one of their number one selling points: exploration. Well, it is broken.

  • Will the Agency window be fixed so that older players can play Eve online again?
  • Will there be any compensation? Not able to play the best part of the game for a year is realy frustrating.

I have the same issue, i have sent 3 error reports, and now sent one to customer service…
I noticed this last year and have sent reports but no replies at all.

I have now had a reply from customer services saying it is part of the game and there is nothing they can do… great help that is!!!

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The realy bad thing about this is that a lot of people have this bug and don’t even know about it.
CCP please wake up and fix the game!

Also still have the issue. My bug reports have been attached but no update for months. In September they said they hoped to have a fix ‘soonish’ but clearly that isnt the case…

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I ran a site a couple of days ago and actually got the escelation, so now I’m unsure if this has been properly fixed and just not in patch notes or if I just got lucky. Are others still actively running sites(I had stopped exploration when it bugged)?

It seems that if you get an escalation and if it shows up in your agency window the bug is not present in your account.

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