New issue found after downtime @09.01.2018

Escalation finder removed from journal and integrated in the agency searcher quite broken for me
i was doing a escalation before downtime but didnt finish it so i returned to it after downtime only to find i cant warp to it because its not in journal and its moved to agency window. Trying to set destination from agency window doesnt work. Also i got 1 more escalation after downtime and its nowhere to be seen in my journal or agency window.

nvm my bad

Can confirm, 2 escalations since downtime not appearing on the agency

Right click add waypoint worked for me. But new escalations are still not showing.

Sad Phaezen as well. I have a suspicion the Agency window is only showibng the oldest or closes escalation you have. Even if it is one you have completed.

Many random graphical issues
Station environments not loading when docked.
After undocking, space is ‘black’, no skybox, stars, etc. but brackets show and move when the camera is moved.
Docking back up fixes it sometimes, not always.
Using warp gate fixes it sometimes, not always.
When using warp gate, warp animation shows, then freezes until you’re in the next system. Sometimes it stays frozen with permanent warp screen, sometimes the next system loads ‘normally’.


Same as above, over several accounts at randoms times, some times they fix them selves with session changes, most of the time its just frozen and you have to restart.

doesn’t matter if you have multiple accounts logged on or just one… same issues.

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After restarting client later that day all got fixed for me. All good now :slight_smile:

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