5/10 DED Complex & Overall Alpha PVE Potential

Alright, so I got an escalation to a Guristas Hallucinogen Supply Waypoint. But i’m very hesitant to try it while an Alpha. I’m sure there are those out there who know PVE inside and out and know what the limits are of Alpha clones for PVE.

So in my situation, I specialize in Sansha ships. Got a Phantasm that I do Combat Anomalies with. And I also have a Nightmare for some more demanding PVE. However, I don’t know if it can hold up in that 5/10 with the neutered skills. Apparently it’s 1700 DPS and I don’t think it’ll cut it. The shield skills that aren’t available considerably lower the resists. And Sansha ships deal EM/Thermal damage. The way I see it, while Alpha I would perhaps do the 4/10 and 5/10 Sansha sites. I think it would be on the cusp of possible doing Sansha and Blood sites just BARELY. But anything outside of those resists/damage types seem like out of scope for possibility here.

General thoughts? Is it possible doing Guristas sites with a Sansha ship in Alpha mode? Or should I just stick with Sansha and Blood sites/complexes?

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You will get into trouble in the last room. Stasis towers will web you to standstill, hence no kiting. You need to kill only one ship (the overseer) about 30km away, but tank the whole room until it’s dead.

Make a bookmark in the last room, warp out once its dead, wait 5 minutes and warp back to the bookmark, and grab the loot. If you forget the bookmark, warp back immediately and traverse the gates again until room 3, make a bookmark, warp out … come back after 5min.

Guide: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Guristas_Hallucinogen_Supply_Waypoint


To a standstill? Why are people telling me you can warp out, then? :thinking:

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You won’t get warp scrambled or pointed, silly. You will be webbed down to like 5m/s with a prop mod on, that’s what she was saying.

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Yeah not having access to MJD makes certain rooms not so fun as an alpha status player.
With that said, if you can fly a Nightmare you have access to a few other battleships with which to potentially tackle the problem and have some significant alpha damage usable.

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1.Warp into the last room and align out immediately.

2.Blap the commander.

3.Bookmark the wreck.

4.Warp out.

5.Warp back after the 5/10 popup no longer activates on warp.

You should be fine in the Nightmare. You only have to hang out in the last room long enough to kill the commander and bookmark the wreck. You can even hit control+b when you first warp in just in case you panic and forget to bookmark the wreck.

(Edit: He’s the one called “Guristas Distributor”)


Alpha gila has no problem with 5/10 Gursitas DED. Just bookmark loot and collect when site despawn.

Or take Rattlesnake if you want more tank.

Fellow Phantasm pilot :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Running Blood Raider 5/10 in Phantasm takes only 20-25 minutes and Guristas whooping 40-45 because of wrong damage / resist types, damn 10 BSes. So killing overseer while tanking whole room might be problematic. When entering room 3 sort overview by name, this way Guristas Stasis Towers will be grouped together high in the list. They will be around 10, 50, 55 km away, not a problem for beam laser, I use multi and microwave, usually 2-3 shot them. Rewarp might be necessary if not enough dps or if jamming BS spawn present.

After you’ve killed towers orbit Guristas Distributor at 10-15 km, set speed to 700, take your time as incoming damage will have become more manageble. Consider overheating guns and rewarping, alpha might experience issues breaking overseer tank.

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