Does guristas 4/10 drop 1.8 mil?

I had finally completed my first ded site and was hoping for a rather good loot drop. But instead of a few mil I only got 1.8 mil.
Is the drops on the good modules rare or do I have bad luck?

Pithum C-type modules might drop. Up to 4 different modules and even more rare, gila bpc. Only guaranteed drop is Overseer Personal effect.

tl;dr you just got unlucky rng roll.

Yeah but usually that means pretty bad luck, other people would at least get 1 C- type module, and I got the escalation from running a few hideaway, and after doing more refuge than hideaways before, I still haven’t received any escalation.
I’m starting to think that I should really need a probe scanner.

It’s just rng. Sometimes you can run sites for whole week and get zero good drops. Or lucky commander spawn in something simple as hideaway with 500+ mil implant.

This isn’t consistent isk supply activity. But results will average out the longer you do it


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