DED Sites / Outer Ring

Hey capsuleers o7

Im doing DED Sites in the Outer Ring region for quite a while now and it seems to me, I am doomed to extraordinary bad luck… Over the last months I have done several serpentis sites: Around five DED 7/10, two DED 8/10 with a friend and 6-7 DED 10/10, so that’s a total of 13-14. I know that’s not that much in total for a representative result, but out of this I got just two Core-C Type modules, nothing else. That means a effective drop rate of <50% for DED 7/10 and 0% for DED 8+10/10.

So I am aware of RNG, luck etc… but well, such a tiny chance of getting any module out of a 10/10 seems a little bit pathetic to me. Is this because of the relative high true-sec status of the Outer Ring region (0.0 to -0.2 on average)? Anyone else experiencing this bad odds? Or am I just whining? DED sites in hisec surely drop DED modules at a rate of maybe 70%…

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70% is a very very high number for hisec. Higher than i am right now even. C-types drop from lower end DED’s mostly in hisec. Low Tier a-types drop but nothing worth anything over 100mill (small a-type reps, a-type adaptive nano’s) etc. B-type from lowsec and high end a-type/x-type is from null. Though I see some discrepancy in the type of loot you are getting it is indeed a luck of the draw type of gamble. 90% nothing 2% fat loot 8% frustration are my numbers.

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Maybe 70% might be a little optimistic, but 60% is definitely what I am experiencing in hi-/lowsec. I am running DED 3+4/10 in hisec and DED 5/10 in lowsec for years now. When you are unlucky you might get two sites in a row with nothing but the overseer effects, very rarely three, that might happen. But in most cases you get minimum 2 out of 3 sites with some (low level) DED loot. At least this is what my numbers are.

I am just a little bit confused how 7 DED 10/10 Sites can give no single X-Type module. That’s a chance of <15%. I just wonder if the droprate in DED 7+ sites gets lower in general. But yeah, maybe I am just damn unlucky :slight_smile:

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Most Likely just very bad luck. I have had bad stretched before as well but maybe not as bad as yours.
I ran a Serp 5/10 2 days ago and got a great drop so I doubt its a game wide issue unless its strangely NS sites only (maybe nerfed as part of the anoms drop nerfs) .

I think you mind not have a full grasp on DEDs.

They are ordered into 3 categories
Frig (1-3/10, C, B, A-type)
Cruiser ( 4-6/10, C, B, A-type)
BS (7-10/10 C, B, A, X-Type)

C-type is not specifically a HS thing it just means if the lowest rated site for its category . However drop rates do vary from site to site, for example BPCs seem to very rarely drop for the HS sites (1-4/10) I guess this is to balance the number of sits run in HS. Where as 5-6/10 seem to drop a BPC every 3rd or 4th site.

Personal I have found that 5-6/10 seem to drop a DS mod about 60-70% of the time however not all are worth very much, the NS sites I think i had about the same drop rates but maybe a bit lower (been a couple of years since I ran 7-10/10 ).


I don’t believe the truesec matters for ded drops. Box only drops are extremely common in highsec, its just that the encounters take 15 minutes so you do more per day than in nullsec.

I’ve found serpentis paramilitary (ded 7) 4x since the last patch as a signature, I have a c-type rep, a vindicator bp, and 1 each of the c-type prop mods to show for it as well as a couple of resists, so it was 2 that dropped box only, and 2 that dropped multiple, and I got a faction grappler and faction agility stab thing from the faction rats.

Also paramilitary has a 12m+ rat, a 2.5m rat and a 60m box, its worth doing instead of ratting if it pops near you, even if it only drops the box, where as running highsec deds costs you your mission running lp and bounties.