Where are all the native combat sites

Traveling through several regions i cant find any 5/10 EXCEPT rogue drone…no sansha, blood raider, angel, etc…what the F***?

at that why dont rogue drone sites drop any good loot?

Rogue drones used to drop the best loot in the game. People even stopped mining.

3/10 still drop shadow serpentis loot.
but 5/10 and 10/10 is just utter crap, OPE aside nothing is in them. unrated drone site are very good though, all those sweet chips:roll_eyes:

5/10 have a chance to escalate from hisec den anomaly, so there may be less them for a direct scan. How many jumps and what regions did you scan?


Around Losec in all regions.

Let me guess all you found were Whs? Is it occuring between patches? Maybe they unplug something. I have no idea what was the chance to get these. Try for 300-500 jumps within 3 days. If there won’t be DED5 then something is wrong.

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