Good ratting systems

This is a weird topic I admit. I use projectile turrets on my Thrasher. I like to do some ratting and found a great HISEC system that always has like 9 to a dozen sites ranging from drones to refuges \to Dens (which are the limit of my ability anyway). The problem is that they are Sansha sites, so the loot they drop is always for laser weapons. I can sell, but they are not worth anything.

Can anyone tell me if there is a gold-mine system with Angel combat sites or if there is a list somewhere. I like finding loot I can use like weapons and ammo.


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Angel rats will be found throughout Minmatar space and neighboring nullsec regions like Curse and Great Wildlands.

Anomalies tend to pileup in low traffic systems, you can find them using the exploration tab in the agency.

combat sites, both anomalies as cosmic sigs, have their npc based on what part of space you’re in. If you’re in Amarr space you will get Amarr npc and thus Amarr loot. So if you want minmatar based loot from those sites then be in minmatar space.

Lasers are cooler anyway…