Updated Loot Data for Pirate Relic Sites?


(Este DeStirr) #1

I’ve been doing exploration with Signal Cartel for a while now both in Nullsec (mostly Venal, though I may start exploring Stain next time I get the K-Space bug) and in wormholes. I know that Gurista and Sansha sites are the most profitable, but I went looking for an updated list of the “high end” loot from the pirate sites and have not been able to find anything.

What I know:

  • Sansha: Intact Armor Plates
  • Gurista: Enhanced Ward Consoles

I’m not sure what the high-end materials in Serpentis, Angel, or Blood Raider sites are, since I haven’t come across an Angel or BR site yes, and I’ve only done one Serpentis site. What are the high-end materials for these sites?

(Rivr Luzade) #2

Single-crystal Superalloy I-beam for Angel
Capacitor Consoles for Blood Raider
Drone Transceiver for Serpentis

The problem is that the rigs from Angel Materials (Poly Carbons in particular) are very cheap, same goes for the Drone riges from Serpentis materials, and the Blood Raider materials are overfarmed by CONDI.

(Este DeStirr) #3

Thanks! This helps fill some holes in my exploration knowledge.

Here’s a quick table of what I found in the market:

and the google spreadsheet:

(Este DeStirr) #4

Interestingly, while Drone rigs made from Serp drone parts may be cheap, atm at least the Drone Tranceivers are nearly the same value as Gurista EWCs.

(Rivr Luzade) #5

I see. They went up in price quite a bit. The last time I actively looked at them they were around 1M.

(Pestilen Ratte) #6

The Drone Transceiver is used to make the T2 rigs for the Rorq’s Excavator drones, hence the crazy consumption, demand and price.

(Este DeStirr) #7

Oh good info, thanks

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