Review of Drone data sites

I like ho drone data sites are developed, with the mob spawn, the region for bps type, the escalation… they are pretty unique like covert research plexes and other types of exploration sites. The escalation in particular for sure is an intersting and unique concept but as now is like going to a casino trying to do those data sites, 99 times you go home almost empty (if you are able to go home) and 1 time you get the escalation and (maybe) the bills payed with a rare augmented bpcs…

For me those sites need a rebalance on how RNG is distribuited so you have actually a concrete win like in faction relic sites, where a cache can contain 1-15 pieces of an item and in 5\6 caches the RNG is way more equally distribuited. As now in these sites the bps dropped aren’t worth much and you just try them to reach the jackpot, after 50 sites i abandoned the cause as i need to pay the bills with ingame currency :frowning:

So if is possible i ask to review the rogue drone data sites system offering more escalations with lesser payout or work a bit around the worst RNG farm i saw in those two months of active play in EVE. Is possible to change the loot table too, with maybe adding more Elite Drone AI or other rare materials…

my two newbie cents, don’t let Abandoned Research Complex be literally abbandoned.

I checked a bit around and dont know if is possible, but for now a leave a Up, else delete it!

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