DED drop rates suck

DED site drop rates suck, i keep grinding out combat sites until it escalates into a 3 or 4/10 DED site. i run the site and 8/10 sites give me just the personal effects. this is really annoying since i normally have to travel 5+ jumps to the site for it just to give me the personal effects and nothing else. any one else noticing the poor drop rates or is it just me?

They can drop faction ammo and a rare chance at modules.

I figure about 1 in 10… maybe 1 in 20.

officer spawns or DED sites, the drop rates for decent loot sucks =/

Well, imagine that every Guri 4/10 would drop that C-type Adaptive Invuln. How much time it would take for them to cost like dirt? Bad drop rates is what keeps these modules expensive and makes this entire stuff profitable.


8/10’s consistently produce poor drops for me. They’re still worth it isk wise, but I rarely get a shiny to drop. 6/10’s are my favorite.


Massively farmed10/10s have made 7 and 8/10s kind of pointless. Why fit a B-type when there’s a perfectly good X-type available for the same price?

The answer to that one is “not enough fit space.”


I dont have exact numbers, but imo HS DED drop rates where stealth nerfed at some in time in the last few years.

Not necessarily a bad thing, since the market on many of the drops was becoming over-saturated.

It was about a year ago, I was pulling in about 100m a day as an Alpha and someone thought that was too much.

I personally do scanned down deds in hisec and I have to admit when loot started becoming more scarce it forced me to start dabbling into other sites.

I have to admit there are several scanned sites I do now that I never did before.

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