Escalation/DED loot drop rate changed?

It might be just my impression, although I did talk to at least a few other people who run guristas DEDs and we have all come to a conclusion that the loot drop rate in DEDs has fallen massively in the past month. I myself have ran at least 30 escalations, 6/10 and 8/10 mostly and have concluded that 70% of them only yield overseer effects. Some people I talk with have told me that they have done even 10 DEDs in a row without getting anything other than overseer effects. This has been happening for about 1 month. Does anyone have similar or different experiences? Can CCP clarify whether this is a shadow nerf or have they posted anything about it and I don’t know?

Edit: Might have made the post in the wrong category, although not sure how much that matters.


30 or 10 is insanely low number. It’s only RNG. Sometimes you get bad luck for long time sometimes you hit jackpoot few times a day

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I agree. Which is why I opened a thread to try and get more opinions and data from DED runners. I only felt this happen for about a month now.


Interesting. I think it’s RNG at work - I recently had one escalation from over 50 Angel Refuges but that dropped me over 500m isk. Since then I have had 4 escalations from just over 20 sites but they were all in LS so I have no idea what the drops were :frowning:

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Look at it this way, the less it drops the more you get from it.

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