Escalation Rate

Would like ask a question about escalation rate. I’ve been ratting in haven for a long time, in the past I normally got 1 escalation out of 20 haven sites, but recently I have ratted maybe 150 sites and haven’t got even 1 escalation, want to know if the escalation drop rate has been lowered?

It’s impossible to tell. I’ve been doing null sec pve for 11 years now and I’ve had dry spells just like your (my personal record is 112 sites without an escalation). On the other hand, I’ve had some improbable stuff as well, like one time I got an escalation, the next site got an escalation and a faction commander spawn, and the last Haven I did right after that gave me a Dread, a Faction spawn AND an escalation.

Haven’t repeated that ever, the odds must be super astonomical.

It is possible (because this is EVE and spaghetti code is a thing) that something got messed up in the last few patches that inadvertently screwed up anomaly escalation chances. I’ve been trying for a 10/10 for the last 3 days and nothing.

But we just don’t know. As I was typing this, a guy just posted a 10/10 site for sale in a trade channel I’m in, so they are still happening. Maybe someone should sacrifice a Titan to the RNG Gods or something.

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Even CCP doesnt know such things sometimes.


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