Escalations got Nerfed?

the 2 last week i’ve run 50 heavens, 32 hubs and a bunch of forsaken hubs and forsaken rally points and no escalations whatsoever. few players have also experienced this issue. dear CCP Stop being cheap and ninja nerfing all the Isk making activities,
that not good omega price in 2 years up from 1.250 billion to 2.5 billion + lot of change and lot of nerf and waste in ore and gas and ice Not much lovely

anyone else has noticed the nerf?

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I highly doubt anything has been nerfed, you just got bad RNG, it happens from time to time. One day a couple weeks ago I got escalations nearly back to back from almost every site I ran, I couldn’t believe it. Since then I have only got 1, it is all RNG.

No, but I made a strange observation:

Whenever people have a streak of bad luck and the results of their actions do not fit their expectations, they come to the forums and make wild theories of stealth nerfs.

Whenever people have a streak of good luck, finding hundreds of millions or even billion in some loot drops, they call it “luck” and are not even remotely thinking about a “stealth buff”.

Fascinating, isn’t it?


maybe you need to go play near your house

due here forum is for good community between players not for person not know what he talk

Fascinating, isn’t it?


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Yeah, I wouldn’t doubt it.

CCP has said in the past (back when they were active here in their own forums), that they constantly monitor / adjust ‘Loot’ / ‘Spawn’ tables as they see fit…

By the way, CCP loves to swing the ‘Nerf Bat’… and they do it often…

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as Syzygium said
do you wanna know how many posts appeared regularly like “did CCP nerf relic sites?” or “did CCP nerf escalations?” or “did CCP nerf abyssal loot” or…

one corpmate did a 10/10 yesterday so escalations still occur

and please Op, don’t go immediately to the “omega price increased, GRRR CCP” topic. This is a player -driven market, yes? PLEX prices are determined by supply and offer, not by CCP

Nope. I ran 4 sites last week - the first in months - and got two escalations from it that I just let expire because it wasn’t worth my time.


its around 5% chance.

Chance is CHANGE you cant just add up 5 to 100 and say you shud get one per 20 sites.


Chance is a chance.

So again you may not get escalation in 100 sites and then you can get 4 in row … it overal add up to around 5% chance.


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