L3 Escalations - Have they been nerfed>


just started playing Eve a bit more -
Warming up with some Escalations

I’ve run three Serpentis Narcotic Warehouse in the last week - total haul from the ‘money shots’

One - Coreli A-Type Small Armor Repairer

That’s it - oh joy

I’ve played on and off for years - so know what I’m doing in these missions - I even re-checked with EvE Uni to make sure I was doing the site - and I am

The site doesn’t take long to complete but still Feeling a bit disappointed tbh given that I recall pulling around 50-60 mil on these previously.

The repairer was from a mission in 04 sec - the others were in 05 - so

  • Not sure if the security level affects the loot
  • RNG is just not rolling in my favour at the moment
  • The site has been nerfed

Any thoughts appreciated.


It’s just RNG. You should be happy that you actually got the loot.

@Lis Torin
Thanks for this - I’ll try a few more and see what I find

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