Escalation without any loot?

hello, so i just did Operation Spring Cleaning - EVE University Wiki which takes a decent amount of time since you have 4 locations (in my case through low and nullsec) to clear up until you arrive at the final location. to my surprise when i killed the final boss, he had no loot, legit nothing. wreckage was completly empty.

my question is, is this normal? why would anyone fly those if you get nothing as a reward? did i just get unlucky and it was buggy or is it normal that you spent 1-2 hours clearing sites and get 0 rewards?


May be just pretty bad luck. In the link you have posted the description of the Overseer says: “The Gist Domination Murderer in the final location may drop Gist A-Type battleship modules and possibly a rare Machariel BPC”.

So in the worst case, all the dices have rolled a straight up zero for you. If it helps you, the next guy may make a billion ISK out of the same site. :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah but that seems like terrible design to me. when i explore i make around 100-200m on average. why would you give 0 rewards? there should be atleast a guarenteed drop, even if its kinda low otherwise its completly pointless imo.
eve takes to much time to just give nothing for investing 1-2 hours


Yeah I agree, some basic rewards to at least prevent the worst frustration would be a good change. But unfortunately it is how it is. You can only do lots of them and with bigger numbers the rewards average out over time.

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ah and now the boss doesnt even spawn after the trigger
wtf is this

Must’ve put the kind of Risks you took on a scale together vs Rewards and the scale read 0.00

After running the same site?

no i did (Angel Base - EVE University Wiki) and domination warlord didnt spawn after i killed Cherubim/ Seraphim, for some reason

how is ratting in low/null not risky?

Then don’t run any site again, problem solved.

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I don’t know, ask the scale they use to determine that. To me it’s risky but the results for Risk assessment are evident in your experience: 0.00

so when you go fishing you catch some fishes each time?

RNG, mate RNG. Sometimes you get no loot, sometimes some good loot, and on average you get somthing decent. Just stick with it, but if you don’t like this sort of pve activity, don’t do it. This is YOUR choice. sandbox.
There are some other activities with guaranteed reward (ratting,…)
So instead of complaining, make your own choices. I would not do something just for the reward I can get. When i go for explo, i can come back with 10M or 1B. But i am happy to scan and hack in eve universe. I don’t do it for the reward.

My advice, only run the DED rates ones, since they drop the overseer effect at least, even if the loot fairy didn’t give anything else. The 10/10 overseer effect is worth over 100 million.

I always had bad luck with those unrated escalations. Sometimes they just stopped after the second or third location.

Better luck next time.

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This is an expedition. Don’t run them, they are crap.

So yes it’s normal that you have to make 40 jumps in low/null for no reward at all. Also, many times you don’t have the full escalations, so " the trail runs cold".

well, seems like bad design, why put something in the game that is pretty much pointless…
well thanks for all the infos guys, appreciate it

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They were added long time ago.
A lot of the stuf that was added at a time became obsolete. Expeditions can be valuable, but most of the time, are not.

Yeah, they were added a long time ago but they’re not obsolete, they’ve just become much less worthwhile to run. Mainly due to CCP constantly changing spawn mechanics and nerfing loot drops over the years.

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