What am i doing wrong in DED 3/10, no loot

I’m sure that I’m screwing something up. I’m doing all gates but never find any loot even after trying to blow up remaining structures. I’m only getting 200k bounty prizes. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

A few years back, I would do escalations with my low sec corp and only had to show up and ticks would fill my wallet, never really started DED sites until high sec. I’ve been gone for a few years and rusty as all hell.

Thanks! o/


Find the complex you are doing there. It tells you which NPC/structure drops the loots.

Generally speaking tho, there is usually an officer NPC (True Sansha, Dread Gurasitas, etc…) or a particularly strong central structure that drops the loot. If it’s an NPC, then it’ll be in the wreck, but structures tend to drop cargo containers. - The messages that pop up when you activate gates often mention the “boss” of the complex.

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Well, DED 3 is quite boring and easily completed, and rewards are very meager. But I lost several BCs in DED 5 and was only able to complete these sites with help from some BS pals. So the difference is huge, also in loot and bounty.

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You should at least have gotten some Overseer’s Personal Effects from something, the rat or can that dropped that may contain other loot (faction/deadspace mods, pirate BPC’s) but especially on the lower tiered DEDs they can often be empty.

If you didn’t get the OPE, then you either missed a structure or wreck, or someone came in before/while you were ratting and sniped the overseer and warped out with the loot. Check if you see any wrecks which don’t belong to you.

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Thank you so much for the information, really helpful!!!


As stated above, you should at minimum get an overseers loot of some sort, even a super crappy cheap one, but it should have been there.

it would help if you told us which specific DED site it is that you were trying to do, but it sounds to me like basically the site is not finished if you didn’t get the overseer.

Some sites have some sort of triggers for overseers to spawn, some you should hit a structure or something else, sometimes you maybe unable to see a structure if you do not have it enabled in your overview.

go through your overview, make seperate tab for large collidable objects, wrecks, misc items, overseer structures, mission containers, mission items, etc. that might help you out considerably.

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